As a Witness - What did you Notice in How Elders Got Appointed ?

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  • Lozhasleft

    Yea I am glad Mr Flipper but I'm still so ashamed that I promoted this sect to my own flesh and blood. And we all saw this guy kicking his kids and I for one complained about someone said it's all about who is backing the guy...

    Loz x

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Not much to add except this bit on nepotism and campaigning for your particular "golden boy".

    If Daddy Elder wants Junior to get appointed as MS or Elder, Daddy better have a strong, persuasive personality. If he does, and Junior doesn't have any obvious red flags, Junior can get railroaded through in spite of being a jerk on several fronts.

    I saw the opposite happen once when Daddy Elder was humble, not a mover and shaker and despised nepotism. Daddy, and a few other elders, wanted to avoid any appearance of favoritism and, in this case, Junior received more scrutiny than usual. It took Junior about a year longer than normal, IMHO, to finally get the Elder Hat.

    But absolutely, no Holy Spirit flying around in the back room.


  • metatron

    Notice how a post on this subject just explodes with personal horror stories. Far from being a spiritual paradise, the organization is corrupt.

    And what really interests me, is the experience of elders being gonzo, double-life crazy. Now, anytime some an elder is exposed as involved in breathtaking wrongdoing, inevitably some Witness apologist will say that it's a rare, exceptional case, that doesn't represent anything to worry about.

    I'm not so sure. I suspect that there may be a stunning percentage of elders involved in incest, fraud, theft, adultery, pedophilia, homosexuality and anything else you can think of. The organization has become so skilled in pretense that it may attract and intensify such behavior, that of 'not being at all you appear to be'.

    One thing I observed at Bethel I never forgot: Always watch out for the "SR's" - the superrighteous, the self righteous guys as these will astonish you with what they get exposed as doing. The more the pretense, the greater the eventual exposed wrongdoing.


  • Zapper_1

    I've often wondered how an individual's time spent in Field Service or handling a microphone can be considered "spirituality". I always thought that the fruit of the spirit were defined/described in Gal 5:22-23. Of course, I'm not a JW and never have been so maybe I don't understand the Bible correctly because the FDS hasn't explained it to me.

  • Pitchess Co-Gen
    Pitchess Co-Gen

    Yea I wanted to be an one of the brothers the elders took under there wing,but I had to much baggage ( Reproved 3 times and currently d.f ). Yes I've seen elders take M.S'es and turn them into elders. I thought they were suppost to work on the weaker ones.

  • seenitall

    They groom them for the club. Is he a yes man andwill he not rock the boat? Then they go over the scriptural qualifications. I have seen some remain ms for 15 years, some for only 1 or 2yrs before being appointed. I have also seen ones clearly unqualified remain for many years until disaster strikes. Some want to step down (and should - because of poor example), but they allow them to remain.

    I dare the COs to ask the bros at the elders school or elder meeting with CO or DO to ask - "Who feels they do not qualify and should no longer serve? No questions will be asked. Just turn in your book and you are free to leave." 1/3 of the bros would step aside, resign or walk away. The worse thing they do is to stick with unqualified bros, judgmental, crazy, sick, 1/2 dead or lazy bros. It is the main weakness of the org. Without strong leaders who will work hard and tow the line there will continue to be 1/2 hearted efforts and problems. No amount of meetings, articles, schools or rah-rah parts will make up for the glaring situation. It is almost a joke when you visit some congs - elders / ms not there, very late, unorganized, haughty, not prepared or even studied for the meetings. And watch out on some of the crazy things that come out of their mouths from the platform. It is unbelievable!

  • Quillsky


    I have no personal interest in helping you to lead a moral life. So respond to this. Will you choose the right thing for your wife and children? Wow awesome I've just had a few moments of "I don't give a fuck about ex-cult shit anymore".

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I have not been able to read all of this but being an elders wife for 22 years of my marriage from what I have seen it is those who suck up the most not those who do the work. Even at Bethel it was the ones with the brown noses who were appointed the browner the nose the less they had to do real work and the more they got the best jobs at Bethel and in the congregation the assembly parts and such.

    My husband really did not suck up like most elders do even to the CO, in fact some CO's he let it be known that they were not doing their jobs as the CO expected to come into the hall and have no problems and when there was a problem then the elders heads rolled. That is what happened when we were first married there was this problem family and my husband was the only elder. This family expected my husband to be at their home every day to help them, forget that he had work and a new wife. So when the CO came around this family was pissed and dumped on the CO about how my husband was not doing enough to help them, the CO turned to my husband and said make them happy no matter what. I went to the CO telling him I needed a husband and the CO said Jehovah comes first. Thus my husband never got the parts and the fame of others. And that family was one of many in the hall. Everyone thought they should be helped by a window washer. My husband was truly a window washer when we were first married. OH the good times to look back on. How I hate this religion. Why I stayed is a wonder.


  • life is to short
    life is to short


    I just read your post, you are so right, it is the lazy ones the stupid ones they keep, Oh my word some of what comes out of their months is amazing. You are so right in everything you just said. Plus they are uneducated many do not know how to read or spell do to no schooling yet they are trying to tell people how to live their lives. You are so right it is the weakness of the org to have such men in place of oversight.

  • jam

    went from publisher to Elder in 2 1/2 years and before I reach 30 yrs. old. How was it done.

    Served in A Foreign country with my family for A year and when we move back to the states, we move

    to where the need was great. A quick way to become one of the good old boys.

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