what is the best way to disprove divinity of the bible???

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  • oompa

    i mean screw proving that jws are not gods chosen people....i have beat my head bloody trying to prove that to wife, son, parent, friends....lol...which is why i do not have them anymore! funny how if you do that...they take pride in how much closer to jehober and his org they are!!!!!arrggggghhh!!!!

    but if you can disprove the entire bible...and that is their basis for EVERYTHING....well maybe that is the way to go....

    unfortunately i cant get anyone to listen to me now for even 10 seconds!!!!....so be careful....i saw a PBS show about the thousands of years of continuous ice core samples that have been collected and preserved which TOTALLY disproves the flood...but how do we disprove the entire pile of fiction????.........................i am no simpleton...but what do we use???.....logic? science?....reason does not seem to work dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WTF about that JW fake bible where it says "let your reasonableness be known"??????........i like that actuallly.....live long and prosper!......oompa

  • cantleave

    By comparing the myths and fairy tales with modern scientific knowledge.

    Even Jesus "Cured" epilepsy by exorcising the demon that caused it. That sort of BS shows categorically that there is no divine inspiration.

  • sabastious

    Prove the flood didn't happen. Walah!



    A divine Bible floats in the air..

    You can buy them from the Angel that sells Butter on TV..

    I keep mine in the truck.. It`s great for flat tires.

    No need for a Jack..

    Just put the bible under the truck where your changing the tire..It will lift the truck up off the ground..

    Saying the name Jesus makes the Bible float higher..

    Just repeat the name for how high you need the truck off the ground..

    Never say Satan..

    Your truck will burst into flames and the insurance company won`t believe you,when you tell them how it happened..


  • JWoods
    By comparing the myths and fairy tales with modern scientific knowledge.

    This proves it to you, to me, and to anyone willing to look at the available information objectively.

    It will never prove anything to a die-hard fundamentalist, or to a JW.

    They cannot rationally think in that way any more than a dog or a cat.

  • Olin Moyles Ghost
    Olin Moyles Ghost

    Nothing will work if they aren't ready to hear it. Remember going out in service as a Witness and talking to people who believed in, say, the Trinity? You could show them verse after verse proving God is not the same as Jesus, but they wouldn't buy it. Witnesses (and other fundamentalists) are exactly like that when it comes to facts showing that the Bible is not the inerrant Word of an almighty God.

    That being said, there are plenty of ways to show the Bible contains contradictions and inaccuracies. Here are a few easy ones:

    - No global flood.

    - No Exodus from Egypt

    - Matt. 1 and Luke 3 have contradictory genealogies for Jesus

    - Genesis 1: plants created before the sun (photosynthesis?)

    - Revelation 22 - Jesus says multiple times "I'm coming quickly"; well, 1900 years later we're still waiting...not exactly "quickly"

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    Oompah, I think you mean 'inspiration' of the Bible?

    What opened my eyes, reading my own NWT, were the footnotes somewhere in the back (I don't have my Bible with me unfortunately(!), but somewhere in the back is the list of books, date and place written...I remember there are a few 'abouts' in there, circa this and that...then, I think in the very bottom, there is some blurb about [ ] words in parentheses being words added to make the meaning more clear, blah, blah

    Then the voila moment for me - there's also a thing that says [[]] double parentheses indicate verses that may be interpolations?!!!! INTERPOLATIONS in God's Word??? So I started keeping an eye out for those verses - I think there's a couple of doozies in Matthew to begin with - sorry, this is all from memory...I will be sure to go home tonight to see what page that is on and how it may get people to start wondering.

    The other thing that list shows is that, I believe, 1 Thessalonians is the first book written in the New Testament...NOT the Gospels! I actually took one of my older dog-eared, well-worn Bibles apart and put the NT in the order of date vs. the re-shuffled canonical version we are presented with - an interesting exercise!! Kind of turns things on their heads, literally! Just my 2c

    P.S. Good to see you back!

  • Dagney

    What OMG said.

    I still plant little seeds about the WTBS, because it is my experience, and most of what I have seen here, that once that chink in the armor starts about the org., it's usually a house of cards...everything is then usually questioned.

    My questioning of the Bible didn't come until I as out a few years, even though I thought the whole Genesis thing did not work/add up/make sense for years. Flood, well, it simply could not have happened as they said...it is probably the simplest most convincing argument. But if they have faith it happened just as the WTBS says, then no amount of logic or evidence will convince them otherwise.

    It's all about faith...and it can be in anything. I've seen thread after thread here with believers reading the same scriptures but coming away with different conclusions, with the utmost of faith in them. I haven't read anything that would encourage me to believe again.

    I think the thing that is most impressive to those around me is living successfully and happily on the outside. Sort of "winning them without a word" if you will. ;-)

  • PrimateDave

    It should really be just as easy as reading the Bible itself. With the abundance of Scholarship now available even to the lay person today, it should be a no-brainer.

    Frankly, the hold that the Bible has on people is mostly due to childhood indoctrination and cultural conditioning, and that is not an easy thing to overcome. So, in most people's minds, you are not "disproving the divinity of the Bible," you are calling their parents liars, insulting their cultural heritage, and insinuating that their whole family is too stupid to know any better. People will take your well meaning message very personally, question your motives, and view you as a threat.

    I just don't try anymore. Let them believe what they want. If you must tell them that you disagree, say so respectfully, and leave it at that.

  • acolytes

    Go into the woods... the unity of things...marigold not easy to find.........(.personally I belive in the trinity)...........passing milk thistle fly.... fox on the run.......


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