Could We Trigger A Tipping Point?

by metatron 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • Pistoff

    More and more, the active JWs see SATAN everywhere; he is there in people who are inactive, slowing down; he is in the porn on the internet, he motivates the apostates, he is in the media that "slanders" the organization.

    What can you say about people who see the horned one everywhere?

    They have been misled, but I agree with Agonus; the prime opportunity for wake up was 2002, with the WT's treatment of child sex abuse victims plastered all over Dateline and Panorama; no mass exodus. When one fails to really research a charge like that, you are both misled and CORRUPT.

    I don't see it any other way; if you are not willing to research to the nth degree a charge of allowing pedophiles to walk in the congregation, you have given up your ethics.

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