Could We Trigger A Tipping Point?

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  • EmptyInside

    I was just quoting the public speaker. It doesn't mean I agree with him. I'm uncomfortable with all the focus they have put on themselves. That is actually an understatement for how I feel on the matter.

  • agonus

    Oh, well, obviously not. I'm pretty sure all but the most diehard dubs are squirming at least a little from the constant self-referential madness... which has gone WAY beyond self-parody by now...

  • Mary
    Consfearacy moaned: If Jehovah's Organization is a man-made, self destructive institution it will either gradually dissolve or implode all at once kind of like Enron. If a supreme being is involved the story will be entirely different.

    So how do you explain the Catholic Church surviving for the past 1700 - 1800 years? By your logic, I guess that means the Supreme Being must be backing them!

  • WTWizard

    I can't but notice the quality trends. During the late 1980s, the books were physically of decent quality. Sure, you had song books and Bibles that would fall apart--but tapes were sturdy, most of the books would hold up to normal use, and you even had calendars that you could actually use. You could go to a boasting session and not hear the same generic format all the time. You had warnings against apostates, but it wasn't every other talk or every other article. They actually made up stories about the imminent future based on what was in the Bible.

    These days, it is all crap. I already saw one post about a DVD that did not play on a standard player. Paperback books, even Bibles, have been reported--and I saw a few paperback books come out during the last few years before quitting. One Asleep! per month instead of 2. Microfiche calendars. Deleting one boasting session, presumably "for high gas prices". Shortening boasting sessions. Cutting way back on the quality of comments--now it has to just about be in the words of the paragraph. New Kingdumb Maladies that were designed on purpose to sound like dying cats when perfectly performed as written (I think that was done to "humble" those with a gift in music). The list goes on.

    I have seen similar trends before in places where I worked, and invariably the place would be closed in a few years at most. I have also seen these trends in places where I shop--once it becomes difficult to get the merchandise I am used to and the prices start going up, usually they go belly up within a few years. I think the Washtowel Slaveholdery has reached that point: However, too many witlesses are so brainwashed that they think all is fine, and will continue to support the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger no matter what.

  • ruruj

    low supply + high attrition = low funds = possible bankruptcy (spiritual)

  • LV101

    WTWizard --- i cannot stop laughing when i read your posts. KINGDUMB MALADIES --- love your terminology. is there a real term for substituting words like you do called mala-props???? there is a word, but i obviously can't remember.


  • agonus

    You're totally right about the quality of the material, WT. One gets the feeling they're continually lowering the bar. It's sad when the new DVD is so numbingly mediocre that the clips from the Photo-Drama of Creation have, relative to their time period, the highest production values in the entire program. What a staggering accomplishment the PDOC really was for its time... especially when you compare it to the slop that's being dished out now. Oh, how the mighty have fallen...

  • Pistoff

    The quality of the writing is shockingly bad; there is no art of persuasion or exhortation to a person's better qualities.

    The bulk of what is written is to warn against porneia, higher education, apostates and about the 'nearness' of the end.

    It will be interesting to see if a middle of the road mentality can take hold at the leadership level; personally I doubt it.

    The hardliners have always won; they are hardline after all, and will not be afraid to stoop to low levels to keep their way.

    Look at how long and how influential Ted J was.

    I can't see any dramatic change ahead for the fellowship.

    Those who are happy and are not emotionally hurting will stay; they have their minds made up.

    It takes a shock to the system to wake up.


  • peacedog

    Good comments.

    However, I don't believe that dedicated JWs think the organization is cutting back at all. And if they were to acknowledge a shortage of men "reaching out", they likely view it as a result of the organization growing, ie, there are not enough qualified men to keep up with "Jah's growing Organization"...

    The fact is that the Society spins anything that goes wrong for them, and the dubbies believe it. 1975? Ask any dedicated JW and they'll tell you it was "some brothers" who got excited and ran ahead of the Organization. Why did the Society stop charging for literature in the 90s? In order to "simplify our Bible education work and separate ourselves from those who commercialize religion", of course! Had nothing to do with the Jimmy Swaggart case in which the WTS filed an amicus brief... And why did they stop with food at the conventions shortly after moving to the donation system? Not because they were losing money hand over fist to the cheap-ass dubs. It was only so that those who had been working in the Food Service Department would not miss the convention program.

    Whether it's this 'fantasy maintenance' concept or it's jw doctrine... it's all the same. The dubs believe what they Society tells them to believe, and the Society is proactive when it comes to maintaining their whitewash.

  • Quirky1

    I don't see a tipping point except for thos who have doubts but most are either loyal to or afraid of the organization they are in. Fear is the main tactic used by any and all cults to keep recruits and find new ones.

    The only ones leaving are those who have or are awakening.

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