Statement From 9/11 Families For A Safe And Strong America

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  • Bangalore

    Statement From 9/11 Families For A Safe And Strong America.


  • designs

    Some of these comments show how little these people think of Democracy and Freedom.

    So let them vote for a Right Wing Fundimentalist, hell who needs Habeas Corpus.

  • wasblind

    Who ever is in charge of getting this mosque built has not thought this through,

    what good is it to build this mosque, if muslims are going to be to afraid to use it

    the constitution may protect their religious freedom, but can it gaurantee their safety?

    the wound of 9/11 is to fresh, building this thing might make someone snap. personally

    i would be to scared to sit up in there, building that is just like saying i'm gonna put my hand in this fire

    but i better not get burned. like i said before, no one is saying that they can't build it, their just saying

    have the compassion to put it somewhere else.

  • designs


    People who are ignorant of the Muslim religion or any ideology simply need to educate themsleves to see the differences. The government of Turkey has just allowed the Christian Orthodox community to worship at a shrine they have not been able to worship at for 90 years.

    Just because there are hate crimes is no reason not to forge ahead with a religious center or any other center in fact it really should convince people of the importance of the Constitutional Freedoms that exist.

    Last year a gunman showed up at a Synagogue here in LA and murdered several people, should the Jews close up shop and live in fear or should they proclaim their rights and keep living as they choose.

  • wasblind

    again no one is trying to close up shop, and as a minority myself i do understand about protecting freedoms allowed under the constitution

    What i'm trying to relay is compassion and respect for others when invoking their rights on this matter to build so close to the site where this

    tragic event occured.

  • BizzyBee

    Please note that, as far as is known publicly at this time, 9/11 Families For A Safe And Strong America has only one member - Deborah Burlingame. Their website provides no information on the size or the makeup of their membership.

    As noted in another thread, there are other 9/11 family groups who are either neutral or support the building of the mosque:

    Of the three primary 9/11 family organizations:

    The Families of September 11 have made no statement about the Islamic Center on their website.

    The September 11 Families’ Association has taken no stand on the issue, but in a recent addition to the website have said only “Currently, there is a firestorm of opinion on this issue, with September 11th families coming out strongly on both sides.

    and September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows who have supported the mosque:

    9/11 Families Group Announces Support for Islamic Cultural Center in Lower Manhattan

    May 20th, 2010

    New York – Today, September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, a nationwide group founded by family members of those killed on 9/11 issued the following statement, which may be attributed to their spokesperson, Donna Marsh O’Connor:

    September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows strongly supports efforts to bring an Islamic Cultural Center to lower Manhattan, near the Ground Zero site. We believe that welcoming the Center, which is intended to promote interfaith tolerance and respect, is consistent with fundamental American values of freedom and justice for all.

    We believe, too, that this building will serve as an emblem for the rest of the world that Americans stand against violence, intolerance and overt acts of racism and that we recognize that the evil acts of a few must never damn the innocent.

    To arrange an interview with a member of September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, please contact David Lerner or Shonna Carter, Riptide Communications, 212-260-5000 ([email protected] or [email protected] ).

    September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows is an organization founded by family members of those killed on September 11, 2001. Currently comprised of over 200 families, the group advocates nonviolence and adherence to the rule of law in the pursuit of justice and accountability.

  • designs


    This is why a Center such as this is important, people need to be educated on the differences in Islam. The terrorists were of a specific subset bent on violent mayhem. The Sufi branch is very different.

    How many Americans still believe that the President is a closet Muslim because of his name and his father, or that he is not a US citizen. Ignorance abounds in any culture and education and dialogue are the answers.

    Sit down and break bread with those you don't understand, at the end you may still agree to disagree but the humanity of the 'other' should show through and keep peaceful coexistence alive.

  • wasblind

    Thanks for that post bizzybee

    But if the intent of this mosque to is to promote interfaith tolerance, is this the only site in NYC they can do this from?

    if their goal is truly that, then they could do it from anywhere, the families of 9/11 lost a lot, but as a country we all we're affected.

    the key to promoting tolerance on both sides is compassion and understanding.

  • wasblind

    Thanks designs,

    i do see what you are saying, as you can see, i just think it's not a good idea,

  • designs


    Ignorance of Islam's many branches is at the core of this debate. The American people have a cloudy understanding of Islam and the raw feelings show the confusion between Islam and the violent radicals that exist inside the different sects.

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