What Beliefs/ Practices of Jehovah's Witnesses do you Disagree With Most?

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  • flipper

    Most of us either when exiting the witnesses or after exiting have certain beliefs/practices that bothered us so much we could not suport this organization anymore. What were your breaking points ? Here were a few of mine :

    1. Faulty Child Abuse policies - The pressure on families NOT to report abuse to police. And how child abuse victims are treated. Sick.

    2. Disfellowshipping & Shunning - Most barbaric behavior one human could do towards another human outside of physical torture. It's mental torture.

    3. Everchanging views of the alleged " Last days " or Generation . Leaders of the WT society don't know- yet they claim to know the future .

    4. Blood Transfusion Practices - Many people have died " obeying " this WT command avoiding life saving blood transfusions.

    5. The discouraging of higher education in colleges or university's - WT does this to prevent critical thinking ability in members , total control.

    So these are the big 5 for me I believe which caused me to exit the Jehovah's Witness cult. What about you ? What were the beliefs/practices that pushed you past the breaking point in exiting theWT organization ? Look forward to your comments

  • ZeusRocks

    Definite agreement with your top 5. These are some extras for me.

    1. The bible is the word of god.

    2. That we are born sinful deserving of death.

    3. Satan and his demons are out to get you.

    4. Obedience to the governing body without question.

    5. Their teachings in regards to science.

    I also detest their view of "worldly" people.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I was not personally affected by #1 (Faulty Child Abuse policies). I did not know anyone in my circle that was affected by it. I did see the rules on this building up in elder sessions and saw a double standard coming where it seemed they wanted to give a chance for elders to escape DF's for that.

    I felt a huge sense that #2 (Disfellowshipping & Shunning) was so wrong. I tried to help people not to be DF'ed and I overlooked people talking to DF'ed relatives. I offered to continue communication with a good friend despite the risk to my eldership (or elderness).

    #3 (Everchanging views) was my huge problem. I couldn't believe how easily the Generation changed in 1995 without anyone batting an eye. Sure, I hung around another decade but I was no longer the loyal dub that asked "How high" when they said to jump. It changed me totally to plan for the future (dying in this system of things) and allow myself to overlook the infractions of others instead of busting them.

    I still wasn't fully against #4 (Blood Transfusion Practices) until I learned more about it on the internet and through Ray Franz' second book (I think). I was well along in my fade when I finally got a good understanding on it.

    I was still an elder when the word came down strong on #5 (The discouraging of higher education) I had already helped to put my wife through college and knew it wasn't right. It was a big factor.

  • Quillsky


  • ziddina

    Wow. Excellent lists...

    Some of the issues I had were:

    1. Exodus 19: 16 - 19...

    2. Forbidding marriage. (Yeah, I know they didn't actually forbid it, in much the same way that they don't actually forbid college educations, either... )

    Speaking of which...

    3. Forbidding higher education...

    4. Denigration of women...

    Number 5's the real biggie...

    5. Sly method of discouraging members from doing whatever the Gov.Bod didn't want them to do, but WITHOUT having the courage to actually speak out and say, "We forbid JWs to obtain college educations; we forbid JW children to participate in sports/clubs/after-school-programs; we forbid JWs to accept promotions at work.." etc...

    Worked pretty well on false prophecy, too... "We know that in 1975, 6,000 years of man's existence on earth will end!! We know that, in the fall of 1975, Jehovah will make known his plans for us. We know that, in the autumn of 1975, there will be a great opportunity to see God's will fulfilled on earth!!..." Yeah, too cowardly and sneaky to actually come out and SAY it - in that, they tend to mimic the previous false "end-of-the-world" prophecies, yet obviously they learned SOMETHING from their past mistakes. They learned to be sly, sneaky and duplicitous...

    That method of innate dishonesty bothered me more than the more obvious problems, for it indicated an underlying and deliberate effort - mechanism, even - to mislead the Rank&File JWs...

    Ugh. What disgusting creatures!!


  • WTWizard

    Dirtifying everything that is normal or fun. They have dirtified sex (especially innovative sex), holidays of all kinds, birthdays, extra education, getting enough money to live comfortably on, and all sorts of recreation and entertainment.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Mine is the belief that Christ came back and selected them. Putting aside the fact the no one saw that happen (unless of course you have "eyes of understanding") all the nonsense they teach pretty well disproves that assumption.

  • GLTirebiter

    1. Blood policy: a loyalty test coming as close to human sacrifice as they can get away with
    2. Psychological manipulation to coerce obedience to the org. (Zid's #5, stated more bluntly)
    3. Treating their own publications as equal to the Bible, even superior to it
    4. Polarized, false dichotomy mind set, leading to...
    5. Us-against-the-world bunker mentality
  • kurtbethel

    The constant lying is a real problem for me.

  • flipper

    Thanks for all the replies ! Good points you all make.

    ZEUS ROCKS - You bring out some good ones I agree with also ! Especially that the WT society teaches " we are all born sinners " . I really despise THAT one. It gives a person an inferiority complex from birth due to that faulty teaching !

    OTWO- Very true what you say about the " everchanging views " regarding what constitues a generation. Like yourself, me and millions of others - we put our lives on hold while sitting around for YEARS waiting for the fulfillment of the WT society's failed predictions of the alleged " end of the system " or " Armageddon ". What a waste of time, lives, and energy as so many were tricked into believing this steaming pile of manure. And for what ? To appease the desires of , not the rank and file members - but the desires of the LEADERS of the WT society.

    QUILLSKY- Ah yes, the Apocalypse - which never comes, right ? Crazy.

    ZIDDINA- Good point you make about the insidious sneakiness of the governing boobies attempts to deceive and subtly manipulate rank and file members to waste their lives by being intimidated and manipulated to forgo college education, job promotions, and just not being allowed freedom of mind ! I too abhorred how the WT society denigrates and puts down women and children inside & outside of the organization. I have an older sister ( 59 ) who suffers post-traumatic stress syndrome due to elders telling her she had to stay in an abusive marriage to a mentally off JW man for 20 years ! My sister will never be the same . Irritates the hell out of me how the stupid elders dominate JW members lives !

    WTWIZARD- Exactly. o the powers of the WT society- EVERYTHING is dirty outside of JW land. Ridiculous. Actually- the exact opposite is true- EVERYTHING is dirty and twisted INSIDE JW land.

    IQUIT- Good point. I mean with ALL the twisted changes in the WT society's teachings- how in the hell could they ever claim that " Christ came back & selected them " ? I mean- was Christ THAT confused as a man ? LOL !

    GLTIREBITER- Great poins. I mean- how many innocent lives has the WT society murdered with their no blood transfusion policy ? Sick. And the psychological manipulation is enormous damaging mind controlled members brains and lives ! And the ARROGANCE the WT society shows- valuing their OWN publications over the Bible itself ? If there is a God in heaven- I'm sure He's sitting up there shaking his head in disgust or wanting to send a rocket launcher to destroy the WT society in totality. Such arrogance on the WT society's part.

    KURTBETHEL- The lies and deceit are a HUGE issue to me as well. I have my older JW parents who have been lied to for almost 60 years now - and I feel such sadness for them to know they'll never live to see the false promises they were given. I feel sadness AND anger towards the WT society for that falsehood

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