How to deal with "Whoe other than JW are preching today?"

by Simon Morley 54 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • BluesBrother

    As Olin Moyle's Ghost said, the question really is a fallacious argument - after all, 1] the WT comes up with a unique concept of Jesus Christ's kingdom 2] Other viewpoints of the kingdom are derided as worthless, even if other faiths publish a hope based on the kingdom of God 3] the WT takes a literal and important view of Matt 24.14, making it a key point of their campaign - so who else is preaching WT doctrines ? Nobody..of course !

    If one allows the discussion to descend onto the fallacious circular reasoning that the WT employs, then you are onto a loser..the only hope is to keep the discussion on a higher level, if that is possible with your J W acquaintances.

  • Elder-Patrol

    This is where critics seem to have lost any semblance of objectivity. Criticize what you will about JWs, make ad hominem attacks on Rutherford (who died almost seventy years ago), argue that Christians aren't really obliged to spread "the good news".

    But don't pretend there is nothing unique in the evangelism efforts of Jehovah's Witnesses. That just sounds ill-informed and bitter.

  • isaacaustin

    There is one thing unique about the JWs so-called evangelism though! They are the ONLY group who counts their hours and turns them in on a time report.

  • onefootout

    This is the basic fall back position for most witnesses. It goes along with "where else would we go" line. When these get pulled out it's time to back off as it is a clear sign the autonomic defenses are kicking in and the apostate radar is in full swing. If you are in and undercover then tread carefully.

  • Finally-Free

    Just watch JWs "preaching" in action. They spend most of their time knocking on doors knowing full well that no one is home. When doing "street work" they ignore more people than they approach. They aren't "preaching". They are wasting time. They deliberately ignore the most effective means of reaching people and concentrate on pretending to be "ministers" and posturing before one another. Then they report their wasted time every month in an effort to gain status in the congregation. Those who waste the most time gain the most recognition.


  • isaacaustin

    So perhaps also unique about the JW preaching effort is the number of hours recorded vs the low number of hours actually preaching! LOL

  • possible-san


    Are you an active JW?
    Please answer to this question first.

    Criticize what you will about JWs, make ad hominem attacks on Rutherford (who died almost seventy years ago),

    Are you criticizing my explanation?
    If so, please mention my name.
    Then, I will answer to you.

    Well, do you think that Jehovah's Witnesses can escape the criticism from people if there is a fact that Rutherford died 70 years ago?

    I'd like to ask you.
    Did Rutherford preach door to door?

    And, during the Great Depression, what is the meaning of his "luxurious life"?
    Please explain it so that I can agree/assent.

    argue that Christians aren't really obliged to spread "the good news".

    Your explanation is funny.
    Do Jehovah's Witnesses think so seriously?

    If so, is it no matter that he/she does not preach?
    And, every month, is "0 hour/time" OK?

    Probably, an elder has to "advise" to that person.


  • peacedog

    The funny thing is, evangelical efforts by mainstream Christianity dwarf what is done by jws...

  • isaacaustin

    Evangelical efforts generally help people by offering some sort of assistance, in addition to spreading the message. Thus they actually accomplish some good.

  • PSacramento

    If no one else is teaching, how are other religions geting converts ??

    I said witnesses use God's name Jehovah which is biblically established whether you think it is in the greek scripturs or not, it is certainly refered by the greek scriptures that quote it when refering to the hebrew scriptures and Jesus directly refers to it. So I'm failing to see what you point acheives?

    I am not sure if using a name that was created by apostates is a good indication of "true gospel".

    Just saying.

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