Big News in Ireland

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  • wantarevolution

    This is confirmed - ireland branch is closing effective January 1st.

  • leavingwt

    Well played, Satan.

  • wobble

    Hi Wanta !

    You say this is confirmed, by whom ? and can we get hold of solid proof.

    Not that I doubt you, but I have a number of JW relatives in Eire (Elder, long time Pioneer etc in their ranks) and would love to be sure of my ground before opening my big flabby mouth.


    I suppose, in future, it will be looked after by Mill Hill U.K branch as it used to be ?

  • Soldier77

    Uh okay... got source info? Where did you hear this? Letter to the branch? Anything to show for as proof? Just saying this seems a bit thin to take and run with it.

    I'm all for it if it is though!


    Long time since I've been there - it was such a small bethel - just a house with a big extension on the back so surely got to have a tiny running cost in the grand scheme of things. Can only be seen as negative from an Irish JW perspective. Would like to see how the the JW propaganda machine can possibly turn that into something positive??


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Even though we see all these Branch closings and simplifications for what they are: economic panic-driven cost-cutting measures, Dubs, if they know about it, won't see this as anything except PROOF that "Jehovah is speeding up His Organization's simplification process as the end nears."

  • wantarevolution

    From a friend in bethel - all the cordinators of congregations (my uncle included, i've confirmed this with him) have been notified and a letter is being sent for Sunday meeting

  • leavingwt

    A publishing corporation, evolving to survive.

    Jehovah is truly speeding up the work in these last days.

  • thetrueone

    If its true, this big old nasty publishing cult may be on a downward spiral after all.

    Another branch closing its doors.

    People are just too modernized and educated to fall into apocalyptic religious cults anymore.

  • wantarevolution

    @MMXIV -I think you are thinking of the old bethel in a dublin suburb - the one that is being closed is out in the countryside built around 1995 or so.

    The numbers there have dwindled, there was a bit of a power struggle and some longtime members of the family were kicked out and demoted , 2 guys were bought in (from brooklyn and a missionary couple from dominican republic). However it was built for an occupancy of 50, currently the family is around 14 or 16. The upkeep is huge due to the size of the grounds- they have to bring in pioneers at weekends to assist.

    Some of the more nationalistic brothers aren't going to like being under Mill Hill

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