Which do you prefer?

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  • AGuest

    Hot (may you all have peace!). Because I can always turn on the hose/sit in the tub/take a cold shower/put a wet towel over my body, etc., to cool off... but I can't always get warm, no matter HOW much clothing/pairs of socks I put on. My physical weaknesses are:

    · cold (because it makes me "head-nodding" sleepy - yuck!)

    · tired/sleepy (particularly when the head-nodding "waves", which I utterly despise, start...)

    · hungry (due to blood glucose issues...)

    · prescription narcotics (which I’ve been given after surgery/hospitalization...)

    They all tend to bring out the "beastie" in me.


    SA, who knows that was WTMI, but it's [very] slow here at work, so... on her own...

  • AudeSapere

    If I had to choose one extreme over the other, I think I'd choose cold.

    I wilt in heat and can't hardly breath when it's hot and humid.

    I used to love the cold and loved my winter clothes but now I'm not sure I could function well in the cold. Maybe I would be OK if I didn't have to be fully responsible for shoveling snow and getting to work on time after snow storms.

    Now I live in such a temperate climate that I have become sooo spoiled. I think it reached 72 degrees here today (warmest day in about 3 weeks) and every night for the past few months it's been in the mid- to low-50's.

    This area is called 'Pleasant Valley' and it is indeed Pleasant.


  • brizzzy

    Love the cold and snow and climates that actually have distinct seasons. Born and raised in SoCal but I'm hoping to migrate to the NorthEast; probably upstate NY.

    I agree; if you're too cold, you can layer up, but if you're too hot there's only so much you can do about it without being arrested.

  • donny

    My first 40 years were spent in North Texas, most of them in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area. Many of you know (such as Terry, Jwoods) that it gets really, really hot there (as I write this they are in a long string of 100+ temp and 115+ heat index days.) I really didnt care for July, August and early September there, but I managed.

    In 1999 I transferred with my company to Morgan Hill, California and resided in Salinas, CA. What a difference that was!!! It rarely gets above 78 here in Salinas in the summer and rarely gets below 42 in the winter. So far this year they are calling it the "Year without a Summer" for cities along the coast which I am sure seems strange for the rest of the country that seems to be sweltering.

    While I wish it were a tad warmer here, I am not complaining. When I go out on the weekends on my 2 to 3 hour jog and walk, I am very thankful that a cool breeeze is blowing most of the time. I called my dad in Dallas the other day and said "Do you realize that your low of 82 is 16 degrees higher than our high of 66?" He replied "That's it, rub it in."


  • chickpea

    i was a heat casualty twice in the military
    so i am extremely vulnerable to heat injury..

    guess it is freezing as opposed to dying... ;-)

  • MrFreeze

    I am so sick of driving in snow. I am so sick of scraping ice off my car. Give me 100+ any day of the week.

  • tenyearsafter

    I can put clothes on, but I can't strip my skin off!

  • StAnn

    It is so hot here that it is too hot to cook on the grill outside. If we can't even grill out because of the heat and humidity, it just ruins summer.

    It hasn't felt like summer yet because we are absolutely trapped in the house. Gotta stay in the A/C due to breathing issues.

    This sucks. At least in the wintertime, you can bundle up the kids and throw them out into the backyard to play ball. Now they're in the house and they are bored, bored, bored. In this heat, even the dog just stays in the shed so he can lie on the cool concrete floor.

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

  • StAnn

    cantleave, do you ever see sunshine in the UK? I'd love the moderate temps but not so sure I'd like the almost constant gray skies.

  • cattails
    I handle the cold much better than the heat. Too much heat just drains all my energy

    I'm totally the opposite, I love the 100+ heat days and dread the cold days, anything below 50 degrees F. is way too cold!

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