Creating exactly what He got: SINNERS...(Jehovah the architect of disaster)

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  • Terry

    God may as well forgive short people for a lack of height as to forgive them for their sin!

    God's "superior" standards are merely the difference between His nature and HOW HE MADE HUMANS!

    Deliberately creating INFERIOR creatures and then burdening them with infinitely SUPERIOR standards of thought and conduct

    is an invitation to disaster.

    Had man been created as a PEER there would have been no motive for either Adam or Eve to desire to BE LIKE God knowing Good or Bad!!

    Creating a man with one leg shorter than the other and then punishing him for limping makes about as much sense.

    If you build a chair that breaks when you sit on it---you can curse it all you want, but, the joke is on the carpenter!!

  • MrFreeze

    God created all things, God created humans, humans were made with the ability to sin. Therefore, God created sin. It's the transitive property. Nothing could have come into existence without God creating it.

    I always likened it to handing a loaded gun to a kid and being shocked when the kid shoots himself in the head.

  • cskyjw.sun

    the teaching about the issues of sovereignty could have obliterated the truth:1John4:8"God is love"

  • Terry

    What does God love and "why"?

    The why is excruciatingly important.

    God loves what He most values.

    Sinners die. They are unworthy of life.

    Yet, God "loves" them?


    What is it about something unworthy of life that is admirable to the point of placing one's highest esteem on it?

    The flea doesn't love the dog which is its host.

    The dog certainly doesn't love the flea.

    But, the flea loves the blood it sucks from the dog.

    God sucks the love, dependance, fear, worship, admiration and devotion from His host: humanity.

    Therefore God "loves" mankind.

  • rocketman

    The post-Flood scenario was largely the same, with one glaring exception: the earth was now to be populated by imperfect humans. I'm not sure what God's thought process was. He knew things would decay again.

    So in essence, it may be that God made the same 'mistake' not once, but twice, if the Bible is to be believed.

    Actually, one reason I have trouble accepting the Genesis account of creation and the fall, and then the Flood, is because it seems to defy logic. It's also too simple, too convenient. It seems awfully convenient that the first man and woman sinned. By convenient, I mean from the story-telling standpoint. In other words, it would seem more realistic if Adam and Eve would have first had a few children, and one of them would then sin.

    But here we have the first couple, supposedly perfect and full of procreative power. And yet strangely, she does not get pregnant until after they sin. Just seems too convenient.

  • blondie

    Well, the angels supposedly were more of a peer being spirits like God, living in heaven and actually seeing him, and being stronger and smarter than humans yet supposedly with the same standards........yet individual angels "failed."

    Anyone God created was going to be inferior to him expanding this beyond humanity.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I think the flea is at the root of the whole problem. Anyone who has had the sad circumstance of being bitten knows that its the end of the world. Just seeing the title to this thread I knew it was Terry. Oh how I love me some Terryst threats!

  • designs

    Ancient peoples sitting around camp fires come up with spooky stories.

    I wonder what campfire the Greek Bishops sat sround and what the heck were they smoking!

  • Terry

    Anyone God created was going to be inferior to him expanding this beyond humanity.

    Blondie--are you implying God "cannot" create an equal?

    Remember the old chestnut argument supporting the Trinity using fire as the progenitor of fire?

    God, if completely totally good, right, noble, just, etc. etc. creates an EQUAL you have more goodness, righteousness, nobility, justness, etc. etc.

    However---if you create something INFERIOR to what is good, right, noble and just you get----wait for it.......wait for get exactly what Jehovah got: sinners!

  • designs

    So how does something perfect make a flawed anything.........

    Theologians and philosophers around the world would like to know.

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