Something is wrong with my dad...

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  • PrimateDave

    The sad thing is there are many higher up people in the western governmental organization of the world who know what I'm talking about and know its true and are making FUN of the children of Isreal because they don't know who they are anymore.

    The reason why most of the prophecies "fail" is beacuse they have NOTHING to do with most of the world, it's only talking about the decendants of one race of people, but when people get taught that same garbage that race doesn't matter, over and over again, no one can tell what is going on anymore.

    I'm telling my dad that the most important thing for the Isrealite to do is to get out of these religions, every last one of them, and realize why they are at the bottom of society. This doomsday lie stuff isn't 'doomsday' - its payback for what was done to the children of Isreal and how they were treated as slaves, as alligator bait and made into a race of mockery, that's why Jesus said vengence is his, he will deal with all nations for what they did to Isreal , Judah and making Jersualem some kind of gettaway resort.

    But I'm not concnerned with whether non-decendants of Isreal actually believe what I'm saying, they have their own gods and ideas they can run after.

    Wow, there's so much wrong with this I don't even know where to begin...

  • leavingwt

    Strider: Have you read either of Steve Hassan's books?

  • OnTheWayOut

    Strider, my mother is a constant reader of the WT literature. Otherwise, she is likewise an intelligent person who just won't accept anything that violates what WT tells her. It is extremely frustrating. Her husband who never ever reads (but is still pretty smart) saw right through the goofy new "generation" teaching and tried to say the common definition of the word (the lifespan of a particular age group) but my well-read mother just insisted that she wasn't able to explain it as good as WTS does.

  • garyneal


    I can totally relate. I went to the meeting with my wife yesterday and something inside me clicked and I began going on and on about the errors of the society's teachings for a better part of the day. I realize now that I was angry for giving in to my wife's little pitty pot story about how she'd have to handle our niece by herself at the meeting so I relented and went with her instead of going to church (like my daughter and I really wanted to do). I was so angry with myself over doing that that I decided to give her both barrels and in hindsite I think I was just simply taking it out on her and her beliefs.

    My ranting about the org revealed the ridiculous teachings that was found in the 1917 Finished Mystery book, their 1919 selection by Christ, birthdays, and asking her to explain how the WTS is supposedly the truth while proclaiming all other religions the "great whore of Babylon." Her cult personality came out and she got so fed up with the rantings that she basically told me to back off. Funny how witnesses want you to back off when it comes to pointing out their errors but they continuously point out other errors of other churches and that's suppose to be okay.

    Lesson to myself, don't fall for her pitty pot stories concerning the hardships she has to endure when she chooses to endure them. I asked her before agreeing to go with her to the meetings, "If the situation were reversed and I were the pregnant lady hauling my one year old active niece to church and she was the JW husband, would she go with me to church?" She wanted to do a kid swap, me take the niece to church and she take the daugther to the meeting but my daughter explicitely stated she preferred church and I had already promised my wife we'd go to the meeting together this Wednesday night. Therefore I relented and to keep the peace in my household I agreed to go to the meeting with her.

    When I later pressed her to answer the question about attending church she hesitated, so I answered for her. "You can't because the Society says you can't, right?" She said yes to that and I said, "See, I know your religion better than you."

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