Just receieved a copy of Awake August 2010-Jehova Witnesses Who Are They

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  • jwfacts

    A sect is a dissenting group within a religious community or one that breaks away to form a new religion. Jehovah’s Witnesses have not broken away from any church. They are not a sect.

    Who writes this rubbish?

  • yknot
    Who writes this rubbish?

    LOL--- it isn't who writes it, it is the person who decides scope and sequence

    To those lurkers from the writing dept...... we know you get re-writes, demands for more conformity and control when you would rather write about love as a motivator. Maybe create a nice alias on JWN and start a nice thread of how you preferred to write the article..... it is good to vent and be able to speak freely.......

  • booby

    discreetly located contribution box in the Kingdom Hall. discreetly located where they cannot be missed and often more than one so that special purposes can be addressed (like worldwide kingdom hall fund) and even had one in the homes where the book study was held before the change. at least monthly spiel about how the funds for the local hall were low in conjunction with the financial report. assemblies with dozens of boxes and regular updates as to where the funds stood, normally requiring a push for more.

  • jwfacts

    Maybe create a nice alias on JWN and start a nice thread of how you preferred to write the article.

    That would make for interesting reading. The before and after edit version of the magazines.

  • wobble

    We already have here on JWN the one they would have preferred to write. It is downloadable as "The Witchtower" each month.

    It's Hilarious !

  • Married to the Mob
    Married to the Mob

    ynot - you are right my mistake

    However when you read the article it makes them sound as if they have been around since the beginning when reality is only 130 years and that was as a breakaway from another movement!

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