Just receieved a copy of Awake August 2010-Jehova Witnesses Who Are They

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  • wiser

    It would have made great reading if Awake interviewed ex Jws and other non Jws for an accurate view on their organization. This is the usual propgranda!

  • OnTheWayOut

    I love their double standard. People should learn about "them" directly from "them." But members should learn about other religions and groups not from those religions and groups, but from "them," via the published works of Watchtower.

  • besty

    OTWO - is there a quote <or paragraph> that makes this so transparent?

  • OnTheWayOut

    Besty, I don't do quotes anymore and not for a long time. While not impossible, my statement would be difficult to find in their publications. It would be a compound of many sources probably. But I know that members are not to consult Mormon publications or Catholic publications to learn about Mormons or Catholics.

  • Scott77

    Interesting reading. Thank you all. This reminds me of the year 607. I learnt about that only from their insight on the scriptures Book. Worldly source could not be trusted. One reaches a point where almost every thing readable must be first 'examined' from WT viewpoint.

  • yknot

    Why are millions of people studying the Bible with theWitnesses?
    How are these studies conducted? Are students expected
    to become Witnesses themselves? At the very least,
    you are entitled to truthful answers. So do not listen to prejudicial
    hearsay, or rumor, but search for the facts. Says the Bible
    at Proverbs 14:15: “A simple man believes every word he
    hears; a clever man understands the need for proof.”—The New
    English Bible.

    May this issue of Awake! help you to understand Jehovah’s
    Witnesses more fully and accurately. Indeed, the very fact that
    you are reading this magazine suggests that you have an open
    and fair mind. So why not do this: As you read the next four
    articles and the accompanying boxes, look up the cited scriptures
    in your own Bible. Doing so is both wise and, as the Bible
    says, “noble-minded.”—Acts 17:11.


    How are Jehovah’s Witnesses financed?

    Their work is financed by voluntary contributions. The Witnesses
    do not charge for performing baptisms, weddings,
    funerals, or any other religious service. Nor do they tithe.
    Anyone who wants to make a donation can do so by placing
    it in a discreetly located contribution box in the Kingdom Hall.
    Jehovah’s Witnesses produce the Bible literature they use,
    which keeps costs down, and their modest Kingdom Halls
    and branch facilities are mostly constructed by volunteers.

    (Comment) They might not charge for dunkings, weddings or funerals but you sure as hell have be qualifed!


    1. The Bible The Witnesses believe that “all Scripture is inspired
    of God.” (2 Timothy 3:16) Jason D. BeDuhn, an associate
    professor of religious studies, wrote: “[Jehovah’s Witnesses
    built] their system of belief and practice from the raw
    material of the Bible without predetermining what was to be
    found there.” They align their beliefs with the Bible; they do
    not interpret it to suit themselves. At the same time, they recognize
    that not everything in the Bible is to be taken literally.
    The seven days of creation, for example, are symbolic, referring
    to extended periods of time.—Genesis 1:31; 2:4.

    (comment)...... ummm Antitype...... and any interpretation/policy with leads like 'evidently' 'apparently' or 'logically'


    7. Secular authorities “Pay back Caesar’s things to Caesar,
    but God’s things to God,” said Jesus. (Mark 12:17) Accordingly,
    Jehovah’s Witnesses obey the laws of the land when
    these do not conflict with God’s laws.—Acts 5:29; Romans 13:

    (Comment).... The Watchtower does everything in it's power to avoid taxation..... why? Is not money 'things of Caesar"? They will sell Bethels, drop kick Bethelites..... which reminds me whatever happened with India back in 2000?


    9. Baptism Jehovah’s Witnesses baptize only those who, on
    the basis of a thorough study of the Bible, want to serve God
    as one of his Witnesses. (Hebrews 12:1) These symbolize their
    personal dedication.

    (yet there is no mention of the "Bible Teach', 'God's Love' or the OD Book......)


    10. The clergy-laity distinction “All you are brothers,” said
    Jesus to his followers. (Matthew 23:8) The early Christians,
    including the Bible writers, had no clergy class. This Biblical
    pattern is the one that Jehovah’s Witnesses follow.

    (yea.....remind that to a CO when offering a different opinion)


    Puhlease Les Civin wouldn't last a week as an asleep JW on this board!

    Personal invitation to Les to become one of the conscious class.....

  • Married to the Mob
    Married to the Mob

    I read this awake. Recently my MIL has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately she is fine after surgery. However during a conversation i made the comment that i was concerned that the "crazies" would persuade her to refuse some treatment.

    Anyway MIL was informed and decided that I should read this piece of propaganda!

    Here are my observations!

    Inside cover - Picture would you seriously let these people in your house. Ok the woman looks cute but the bloke looks creepy

    Pae 4 &5 - What others have said. I tried to find the quotes on other sites, however came up no luck, but in virtually all the quotes there is the snip marker showing that they have edited the quote, which means you don't have the full context.

    Also the counties listed are:








    As some of these countries are currently restricting or investigating the JW religion and business operations its almost ironic the dubs would use them as propaganda!

    Page 6 Frequently asked questions

    Q: Why do some people out against JW

    It claims they are mis informed or not appreciative of the evangelising!

    Q: Are Jehovahs's witnesses protestants, fundamentalists or a sect.

    I have highlighted this question more than the others as it is really the most telling!

    The final paragraph after they have discounted themselves as protestants and fundamentalists (having a poke at the RC church in the process) is their response to sect

    "A sect is a discenting group within a religious community or one that breaks away to form a new religion. Jehovah's Witnesses have not broken away from any church. they are not a sect"

    I am quite sure everyone on this site sees the claim here! JW broke away from the 7th day adventist. So what does that make you........

    I have comments for the rest but its late and after reading the first couple of bs I couldn't take too much more!

    One final comment, on the page explaining the awake mag ther eis this quote

    Most important, this magazine build's confidence in the creator's promise of a peaceful and secure new world that is about to replace the wicked , lawless system of things.

    For over 15 years the new secure world has been "about" to replace the new world! Like everyhting else, its always about to happen!


  • WTWizard

    Is this like the Asleep! rag last summer about not choosing between family and religion? It sure sounds like it--if only those judges that are making custodial decisions based on these Asleep! and Showcase Washtowel articles would get their hands on the Kool-Aid Washtowel or Kingdumb Misery articles instead. Or, if the public would be able to get the Kool-Aid Washtowel and the Kingdumb Misery articles at the initial call to base their decisions on, since that's what they are going to end up having to live by.

  • bobld

    Voluntary contributions my ass.Why demand money via resolutions,almost every month.


  • yknot

    JW broke away from the 7th day adventist. So what does that make you........

    Nope..... you are thinking the Adventist movement...which has roots from the Millerites. (Miller himself went back to being a Baptist- his kin became 7thDay and JWs).

    From there the Bible Students who still profess Russell will tell you the JWs didn't break away from them either....... the JWs are Rutherford's creation after hijacking the WTS Inc and jettisoning Russell.

    The 7th Dayers while our 'cousins' are 'wrong' and further proof of their wicked erroneous ways...... they now profess trinity.

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