Should guys who are balding just shave it off?

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  • cantleave

    Brighton on the 14th - should be fun!!!!

  • dandingus
    Should guys who are balding just shave it off?

    I would.

    I'm not bald now, and fortunately I'm not even starting to go bald at the moment. I'm almost 30 though and my father had hair surgery and my grandfather is bald. So it's possible that I might one day and I've thought about what I'd do if/when it happens. Personally, if I start to lose my hair, I'm reaching for the razor.

    And I do have a goatee, which I have no plans of getting rid of (maybe ever).

    tec - you said:

    Bald is sexy. (I came to this conclusion after I found Jean Luc to be one sexy, bald and older man :)

    I'm assuming you mean Sir Patrick Stewart (who played Jean Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation for the non-trekkies). I actually met him once at a Comic Con. You're right, he's a good looking guy. After we got his autograph and spoke with him briefly, my girlfriend leans over and whispers to me "That is one SEXY man!"

  • Morbidzbaby

    I actually wrote a rant about this lmao... I'll post it's a tad humorous...

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    Picture this. Some poor soul attempting to cover a receding hairline, a man who seems to think a toupee or a badly styled comb-over is preferable to the bare skin it conceals. My question is Why. Why is baldness something shameful? Why such painstaking efforts to conceal it? However perplexing it may be to me, I do enjoy the humor associated with picking out who’s hiding it well, who’s hiding it badly, and who doesn’t have a prayer of hiding it, but foolishly thinks he is.

    We’ve all seen the comb-over, but I’ve seen some doozies. For instance, an elderly acquaintance of mine was so intent on keeping his horrible comb-over that when he went to get a haircut, the stylist cut it a bit too short and he continued to comb it over anyway…even though it only reached halfway across his bald spot. It was hard not to snicker in his presence.

    Another friend grew his hair long on one side. So long, in fact, that his comb-over resembled a soft-serve ice cream cone. He literally swirled it around his head, yet he failed to affix it with a styling product which resulted in constant comb-over flyaway. I love the man dearly, but he wasn’t fooling anyone.

    My high school art teacher, Mr. R, was another good (or should I say “bad”) example. He overdid it on the hair gel, plastering his comb-over to his scalp. One afternoon I was at a friend’s house, who happened to live next door to the aforementioned art teacher. As Mr. R was out mowing his lawn, a huge gust of wind blew his comb-over straight up in the air like a reverse trapdoor, making him closely resemble a shark.

    Lastly, the cream of the crop. Even I couldn’t believe this little gem. One fine day when I was on the Big Island of Hawaii, driving down Alii Drive taking in the sights, I spied something perplexing. It seemed that the man I was looking at had three hairdo’s in one. Not only did he have a Mohawk that flowed down into a ponytail (a horrible marriage of a Mohawk and a Mullet), but the middle of his Mohawk was balding in the Friar Tuck pattern…and it was combed over! The poor man looked like he had a mange-y squirrel on his head. I thereby dubbed it the Comohawk-Mullet and I still can’t believe I saw something that bad!

    Toupees are even worse. No matter what anyone thinks, there is no such thing as a “good toupee”. They all make you look like you’re wearing a dead muskrat. It’s a ton of money spent to cover something that really shouldn’t be a cause for concern. To me, a bald head looks good. I once read a bumper sticker that said “God only made a certain number of perfect heads. The rest he covered with hair”. I tend to wholeheartedly agree.

    So gentlemen, buzz it, shave it off, or accept it as it is. But please, please, for the love of all that’s sacred, stop attempting to cover it up!

  • Cook My Socks UK
    Cook My Socks UK

    Depends on your head shape? I have very little on top and so have it shaved. It suits me, I like having no hair! Some guys try to keep it for as long as poss, it's a confidence thing.

  • Nowman

    I am currently married to a sexy bald guy, i tend to think shaved heads are sexy...a nice shaped head is a plus of course...

    oh and men with hair are good too, but if you are balding, I say SHAVE IT.


  • ballistic

    Guys - if you are balding and your woman says "grow your hair long" SHE IS LYING and just doesn't want other women to see how sexy you really are! It's true!

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