What would you do?

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  • wasblind

    Flipper, i really feel the passion in your statement, you daughters will know one day,

    how blessed they are to have you as their father.

  • iceguy

    I am thankful that my Mom always put her kids first and would have told that sister off! When my sister was df'd twice my mom never shunned her or stopped going out in public with her, going out to eat,shopping, etc. Looking back now I think my Mom stopped beleiving it all but just could'nt tell anyone.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Do JW's even claim to be Christian anymore or have they pretty much thrown those teachings out the window?

    Think About It

  • moshe

    Some JWs seem to think that most any JW sponsored event is open house to all JWs. It was dinner, the food was prepared for X number of guests and I am guessing the sister was not invited for a reason. Perhaps the guests were all of the same age. Anyway, maybe the mother didn't like her daughter being left off and she brought her along anyway. Bad blood? Who knows, but JWs are not the best when it comes to having social manners.

  • undercover

    I wouldn't have brought a tag-along unless I had cleared it with the host first.

    moshe has a good point... it seems that in dubland, when a JW has an event, then it's an open invite to any JW that hears about it. That's a generalized statement that doesn't ring true with all, but it happens enough that the stereotype developed.

    Another thing I noticed was that if a JW invited a few friends over and then word got out, those not invited felt slighted. For some it got to the point that if you couldn't invite everyone, you didn't do anything that required planning ahead and inviting set numbers. Everything became informal, spur of the moment, everyone present (after a meeting/service/etc) invited, just so that later if someone said "I wasn't invited" you could say, "it wasn't planned... it just kinda happened...sorry".

    Hosts ended up having to defend everything and anything because 1) if elders heard about it, they'd question who/what/when/where/why and 2) those not invited would complain because they weren't included. A sense of entitlement is developed by some dubs, in that if any event happens within the congregation, then all should be included/invited.

    Communal cult living does have its drawbacks

  • zoiks

    I definitely would have left as well, though I understand a host being upset at an uninvited guest.

    The issue of continuing to punish reinstated (or even reproved) people is a sore spot for me, though. People seem to want to play judge, jury, and executioner just a little bit too much. /understatement

    My wife and I had a small "gathering" at my house with some friends our age. One of these people had recently been publicly reproved. The PO got wind of it and counseled me on having such a person in my home. I told him that we felt that it would be encouraging for the person to have "upbuilding association", especially since they were obviously making an effort despite their mistakes. His reply? "She can be encouraged at the hall."

    Ah, the love!

  • wasblind

    I agree with how moshe pointed out the different reasons the host could have had in the way she acted.

    and also undercover made a good point in how a sense of entitlement is developed in some dubs.

  • Peaches1978

    wow...first if anyone would have treated my children that way.. I would eat them ALIVE... yeah the mother was wrong in not asking the host before hand. but still you i would have not stayed or would have ever gone back to that sisters house.

    Thething is that Jesus wouldn't even deny a meal to a person, who on earth she think she is by acting this way..... JW's are a true pieace of work there so discusting in there ways and yet they say there the choosen ones.


  • wasblind

    "first if anyone would have treated my children that way.. I would eat them ALIVE"

    peaches, your warning is duely noted

  • snowbird

    I wouldn't have invited my daughter in the first place.

    All JW's should know the drill.


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