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  • wasblind

    This has not happened to me personally ,but was told to me by a reinstated member

    A sister who was reinstated, accompanied her mom to another sisters house for dinner

    and a movie. When they arrived the hostess ask the reinstated sister to leave because

    she was not invited, so the she left, the mom stayed. I asked her if she was reinstated

    why was she treated that way, she replied, once you get disfellowshiped some hold it

    against you always. How on earth could the mom stay there and eat the food of someone

    who just treated your child badly? where in the heck is the natural affection?

  • man in black
    man in black

    Personally, if that had happened to my child and me i would have left and told this so called "friend" to leave me alone.

  • Finally-Free

    Personally, I would never accept a secondhand invitation or extend one. If I was a host I would be offended by people who brought tag-alongs without checking with me beforehand.


  • crapola

    There is no way I would have stayed. That is ridiculous. When my sister was reinstated there were a couple of people, one a supposedly good friend that still would'nt have anything to do with her. When my sister asked her why, she was told that she had brought reproach upon her god. So I guess being reinstated meant nothing. You can go on shunning people no matter what. The judgemental attitude they show is really sickening.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I wouldn't turn up for a meal uninvited.

  • wasblind

    I agree with your reasoning FF, the mother probably should have asked the hostess first.

    thus sparing her daughters feelings,but as a hostess i don't believe that i could have been so rude.

  • flipper

    WASBLIND- I'm here to say that YES - members of JW congregations DO hold it against a person if they were once DFEd and are reinstated. I was treated similarly back in 2002 after being in a DFed state for 4 years. It's disgusting, repugnant, and uncivilized , barbaric behavior that this " host " displayed towards this reinstated person. Supposedly the person paid ( allegedly ) for their crimes while being DFEd- but self righteous witnesses drag a person through the mire many years after once back in. It's one reason I left for good a year and a half after being reinstated !

    That mother should have stood up and flipped off the host and asked " You claim to be a Christian ? " Then have nothing more to do with her in the future. To allow her daughter to be humiliated like that- the MOTHER is totally under WT cult mind control. She's a freaking unemotional robot with no feelings. As many JW's are anyway. But, it's STILL totally unacceptable behavior. I feel for the poor daughter. Hope she leaves the cult and gets a NEW mother. One who cares for her

  • ProdigalSon

    Maybe they were just reminded in a Watchtower study entitled "Making Jehovah Your First Priority", about Isaac who had no problem plunging a knife through his own son, and Jephthah, who swore to Jehovah that if he gave him a victory over the Ammonites, he would sacrifice the first living thing that walked out of his house on the altar. Evidently it never occurred to this moron that it might have been his daughter. (Judges 11:30-40)

    As hard as it is, we have to feel compassion for people living under that much fear. I was there most of my life.

    Prodigal Son

  • yknot

    Just another typical day in Dubbieland....

    I had parents tell my mom their child couldn't visit my siblings so long as I was in the house........

  • Finally-Free

    I should have mentioned that I believe the mother owes her daughter an apology.


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