What Do JWs Think About Dinosaurs?

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  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    I swear an old Publication (30's 40's) or sooner said since the Earth had this canopy around it until the Flood yada yada yada. The vegetation was so think Jeh could of created Dinosaurs to eat the fast growing plants yada yada yada Adam was created.

    Sound familiar or am I misremembering

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    think should be thick

    sorry haha

  • frigginconfused

    The dino's are the key to understanding Satan. He wasnt just called the serpent. But also the dragon. The Dino fossil record wouldnt have been able to be understood untill modern times. They were real and this is a fact. They were not included in the bible. This is for a reason. If they were included in the bible wouldnt it have been great for proving the devine inspiration of it? Like the circle of the earth long before columbus. So why leave such an important thing out.

    Its a code. Laid out for our times. If you get the code you understand the true meaning of what happened in the garden of eden.

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    I'm out of luck...... I can't remember my code to retrieve my voice mail.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Dinosaurs do present a problem even for more fundamental Christians. Adam was said to have been the "first flesh" and the one who introduced death into the world. Some old timers went so far as to think God put parts of various worlds into this world, and that the bones came with them. This, of course, also was laughable. I reckon that it goes on to prove that the wisdom of Man is foolishness to God, even if it's well meaning. I think dinosaurs do throw a crimp in the notion that God created man on a whim. It suggests that there was a larger scheme of things. I don't for an instant believe we're the only world God has created, nor Earth the only world where Man was created. We can't be the only intelligence out there.

    Years ago my mother and I were taking a walk. We went to a place in Virginia overlooking Washington, D.C. We stopped to shoot the breeze and enjoy the night when two very fast saucer-shaped craft go shooting over us. We've lived on or near Air Force and Naval bases all of our lives and we've seen some pretty impressive aircraft. But these things were going faster than any jet and there was no sound. No blinking lights, either. They also weren't going straight, but in a skipping manner. We were both stunned and my mother wanted to report it. On our way back I told her, "No way." I still hadn't decided what to do with my life and I didn't want to go on record as having seen a UFO. "If they were military craft, the military already knows about it," I said. "And if they aren't military craft, our names will be added to an already long list compiled in some database somewhere." If I went on to go into politics, I didn't want my name resurfacing.

    I still don't know what we saw that night, but I learned that Washington, D.C., was one of the hotspots of UFO activity in the country. People see 'em all the time. Where do they come from? Why are they here? Who knows? But I came to believe that if one was to be a Christian, things were a good deal more complicated than the dogmatic, fundamentalists could conceive of. And it's certainly way more complicated than what the JWs have in mind. I don't know how the JWs feel about UFOs, but I suspect they would blame it on Satan or something. Why? Because their theology doesn't allow for it. So they have to disassociate it. After all, you can't have people running around a Garden of Eden while other beings are hyperdriving through the universe. And so I figure they must have some form of denial built in. But if I'm wrong, let me know. I'd love to hear what other explanation they could devise. (And they wouldn't be the first to blame it on evil spirits!)

  • MrFreeze

    My mom always believed they died in the flood. Causes me to facepalm every time she says it.

  • Leolaia

    MrFreeze....She might want to take note of this scripture:

    "They had with them every wild animal according to its kind, all livestock according to their kinds, every creature that moves along the ground according to its kind and every bird according to its kind, everything with wings. Pairs of all creatures that have the breath of life in them came to Noah and entered the ark. The animals going in were male and female of every living thing, as God had commanded Noah" (Genesis 7:14-16).

  • highdose

    They really have no explanation for the dinos, but i have heard a die hard JW say that staurn has planted those bones and fossils in order to mislead mankind! Anyone remember the award winning BBC program "walking with dinosaurs" we weren't allowed to watch that as it promoted evoultion.

    Seriously though, if they crow on and on about the bible saying the earth was a curcile when everyone else thought it was flat and therefore its sciencfiticaly correct then why dosn't the bible say anything about something like the dinosaurs? If ever there was an arguement to disprove the bible that the one.

    If the dinos had died out in the flood then the ocean going dinos would still have survived and would still be around today... unless you count Nessie;)

    Makes me laugh to think of the disquiet of the JW parents when their little boys would be fansinated by the dinosaurs as all little boys pretty much are!

  • wobble

    "Satan planted the bones" etc. that is what they have to come down to, to support a literal reading of Genesis, a book never mean't to be read as literal history.

    Dear Highdose, they cannot point to ONE thing in scripture that a writer put in that he could not have known, the word he used for "circle" is the Hebrew for something shaped like a plate, they had a word for sphere, he did not use it, because he did not know the Earth was shaped like a sphere, and yet the pagans did at this time !

    This thread has done well , considering the title starts "What do JWs think "

  • highdose

    good point wobble, and congrats on being able to interperate my spelling mistakes:)

    Dib Dib!

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