How many times (after high school) have you fallen in love?

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  • WildeLover


    i am in love with an elder , and i'm an m/s with serious doubts , been like this for over ten years! the torture

  • clarity

    x2 hitched but didn`t last x1 wrong religion couldn`t work


  • Quillsky

    Three times so far. Made love to two. Engaged to one. Married none.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    1 time - we've been married for about 15 years!

  • blondie

    Once--married still for 19 years.

  • VampireDCLXV

    Holy crap! You mean I'm not the only one here who's never been in love? You mean that miseryloveselders and snowbird are in the same boat as me? Wow. How did life end up passing you guys by? I've already explained myself. Any one else? Queue up "Eleanor Rigby".

    Sure, I had about three really bad crushes that threw me for a loop, but if anyone would think that any of it was love, they'd be sorely mistaken. Left me miserable and humiliated every time. "Unrequited love" is a hell of a misnomer. It isn't love if it isn't reciprocated. Even I have known that all along. Everyone should know that and I pity those that don't.


  • 5thGeneration

    Hundreds of times with the same wonderful woman.

  • cyberjesus
  • Leolaia

    Twice. I was already in love in high school and that lasted 9 years. Then after we broke up, I fell in love (when I was 27) with a guy I met at a conference and we became very close friends but never in a relationship. Then when I was 28 I met my current boyfriend and I fell in love later, I guess around my 29th birthday. And we've been together ever since, and I'm really happy with him, and can't think of being with anyone else.

  • beksbks
    This thread has the makings of a really cheesy power balad from an 80's romantic comedy. I'm thinking Foreigner's I Want to Know What Love Is? Or anything by Journey.

    Hey man!! I love Journey! And "I Want to Know What Love is"!! 3 times. The first was 33, and I was 18. Second I married, lasted 20+ years. Third, I married 3 1/2 months ago. He's a keeper.

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