Any Other Home Schoolers on Here?

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  • DaCheech
    teaching should be left to teachers.
    People who can't teach their own children shouldn't be allowed to have any.

    unfortunately, they have not made that law here, maybe in china where you're only allowed to have 1

  • yknot

    Yes, I have taught using SOS ......not my children but some of their friends when we do 'switch-offs' so each of us moms can have a day off!

    I haven't tried the new Monarch but am most familiar AOP's LifePac & Horizons.

    This year I have quite a few JWkids who are entering public school for the first time so it seems I am up to my ears in Glencoe, Holt, Pearson and McGraw-Hill!....good news all of them are hitting above standard on TAKS prep!

    Check around local churches ands see if there is a local homeschooling support group or co-op.........being able to trade has been a blessing especially since my daughter has all of the sudden rejected non-printed material!

  • yknot

    I chose not to become a school teacher because of class size, pay and not wanting to commit 5 days of my life to work.

    This doesn't mean however that I haven't read through most of the course material from Texas A&M either on my own or in helping friends receive their degrees/certificates.

    Learning has to be fun and adaptable to each kid at times but still demanding conformity at others.

    I personally feel allowing each child to progress naturally at their own pace is important to their self-esteem.

  • RubaDub

    NOTE: Created new thread called "Questions for Homeschoolers" so as not to hijack this one.

    Rub a Dub

  • GLTirebiter

    StAnn, please see your PM.

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