Who really is Michael the Archangel?

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  • theMadJW

    So- WHY did Jesus God #2 have the voice of an ANGEL, trinitarians?

  • tec

    Saying that Jesus is Michael is a far bigger leap in interpretation than the trinity, in my opinion. I always thought JW's did it just so they could have something to definitively replace the trinity with.

    The bible never says that Jesus is the archangel Michael, just as the bible never says anything about a trinity. Both are interpreted based on implications - when really, why not just take it at face value? Jesus is the Son of God.

    Follow Him.


  • moshe
    Yes. What a question.... of course I do. LOL

    ha, ha- Titus is counting field service time right now!

  • theMadJW

    No- Jack- I ain't!

    So, Tec- ENLIGHTEN this poor, brainwashed, mind-controlled JW-


    did Jesus speak with the voice of an angel???

    Or, God Jesus, in your mind? heh

  • theMadJW

    Maybe Jesus God uses an angel's voice because....

    ...it SOUNDS better than his?

    ...he has larengitus? (sp)

    ...he's an actor pretending to be someone else?

  • peacedog

    why did he have the trumpet of God, madJW?

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    So is Jesus an Angel/Human hybred?

  • peacedog
    Maybe Jesus God uses an angel's voice because....

    And when you explain to me why he had the trumpet of God, you can also point me to the bible verse where "Jesus...uses an angel's voice".

  • Tuesday

    Aw... the Mad JW doesn't understand the trinity doctrine just the arguments against.

    Those that have their Trinity Goggles on cannot see ANYTHING
    that the scriptures say about the SON of God, who said his
    FATHER was the ONLY true God.

    He said the father is the one true God but he never said he was the son of God. When questioned about whether or not Jesus was God Jesus specifically said "I and the father am one". Don't give me the whole "they were one in purpose" because earlier in the chapter the pharisees asked Jesus directly if he were the messiah or if he were God. Jesus responded with "I and the father am one".

    Therefore Jesus HIMSELF reveals he is lower than God- NOT God.
    Thus... he IS an Angel, a Messenger- the Greatest of them all!
    (God, Christ, angels= mighty spirit beings)

    This is not a problem for those who understand the trinity doctrine. Paul said in I want to say Philipians that Jesus emptied himself to become a slave's form. Now the trinity doctrine says that Jesus is God but for God to become a man he needed to place restrictions on himself to be in that form. Hence while Jesus was God, he was God in man's form so the father (God in heaven in all his glory) was greater than he was. It also explains why Jesus prayed to himself because he was limited and was asking for help from his unbound self.

    The clincher would be in Romans where the bible says "Jehovah knows his people" and 2 Tim where it says that "In order to be saved one must confess Jesus as Lord". The word for Jehovah in Romans (I want to say 10:9) and the word for LORD in 2 Tim is Kyrios. If we're doing a literal translation between these two it would say "Kyrios knows his people" and "In order to be saved one must confess Jesus as Kyrios". So either the JWs added Jehovah incorrectly to the Romans scripture (which would bring the whole NWT into question about whether they're mixing Jehovah and Jesus) or we're supposed to confess Jesus as Jehovah in order to be saved.

    Archangel= the One who leads and commands the angels.
    2 Thess 1:7- ...This will happen when the Lord Jesus is
    revealed from heaven in blazing fire with his powerful angels...

    This would be great evidence if the bible hadn't attributed multiple people for doing the same tasks several times before. This is just another situation where both Jesus and Michael are attributed for doing something. Jaccob and Isaac both tricked a sheik by saying their wives were their sister, David wasn't the only one who killed Goliath etc.

  • Kenneson

    And what if the voice belongs to an archangel that was doing Jesus' bidding? "And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other." Matt. 24:31 There are numerous occasions in the Book of Revelation where a mighty angel or angels are described with loud voices. To use the logic of JWs, why does the Father use lesser voices than His own? Doesn't he have His own voice? For example, see Rev. 5:2 and 7:2

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