awsome theme song for a cartoon

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  • elderelite

    LOL that is so true... my favorite quote of all time"

    squidward to patrick: "patrick thats stupid"

    patrick: "it may be stupid but its also dumb!"


  • mrsjones5

    I liked Dragonball Z. Watched a lot of episodes with my oldest son (he's sixteen now and still loves DZ) but I stopped watching it a while ago and now I'm hopelessly behind. I stopped watching it after Boo got his ass kicked.

    I can't stand Sponge Bob but my kids love it.

  • yknot

    I also have all my worldly cousin's VHS tapes (commercial and off the TV) of the old stuff too!

    And because somebody was going to post it soon or later.......without much ado, the holy grail of all cartoons in Dubbieland..

    Remixed for the newer generation (so that they can properly 'overlap').......--

    ( I know you hate remixes but the kiddos do the cutest marching/dance choreography when I play it!)

  • StAnn

    And with this, I bid you goodnight:

  • elderelite

    ahhhh barney!!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    Although technically not a cartoon, The Three Stooges trumps you all

  • miseryloveselders

    I loved Transformers theme song, and not just the theme song but the music throughout the cartoon too. I've heard Hip Hop producers sample some of it. But the theme song is classic.

    The original Godzilla theme song I loved too, a rapper Pharaoh Monche sampled some years back.

    Here's Pharaoh's version.............

  • elderelite

    very nice, misery!

    I love the stooges, and frankly they are very cartoonish, so I would say they qualify

  • elderelite

    BTW Mrsjones, I respectfully disagree. Boo was untouchable. Its clear goku is losing bad anytime he breaks out the spirit bomb to win. Dont misunderstand me, goku is my hero, but boo was too bad ass for them to handle at level 3. you didnt miss anything after that. they basically went to dragonball GT which was not very good. so you saw all the stuff worth watching.

  • miseryloveselders

    Anybody remember the Inhumanoids? I didn't particulary care for the theme song, but the commercial and intro to the cartoon had my jaw on the floor as a kid. My mom wouldn't let me watch this either. When this came out, you can tell Americans were starting to get exposed to Japanese anime. Cartoons like this and Battle of the Planets(Gatchaman), Robotech, opened the door for anime over here. I miss that ol' school anime.

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