Convention Questions - No.5

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  • ziddina

    @ Billy the Ex-Bethelite...

    Whoops!! When I was a kid, I'd 'peek' during prayers.... I saw some of the brothers looking down at the podium with their eyes open, and appeared to be 'talking' from those small notecards that were so popular for JWs giving talks...

    I just assumed IMHO was right - the prayes were being 'read'...

  • JWFreak

    No Prayers are written or scripted

    Get your facts straight!!!

  • cantleave

    Prayers at assemblies are not pre scripted. They are the thoughts of the person giveing the prayer. You can notate them to ensure fluency and to prevent the annoyance of using "Jehovah" as a verbal full stop.

  • wobble

    I know you are correct JWfreak and Cantleave,

    but many of them sure sound like they are scripted, and this is because the ass-licking types who have got the job of chairman are s**t scared of saying something that would be frowned upon by the DO or CO. And even more scared of saying something from their heart, mustn't let emotion in to the worship of the Governing Body.

    They only stick to phrases and thoughts they have heard expressed before.

    The most pathetic ones are where at the end of the day the guy goes through the programme again, just in case Jehoober has forgotten what it was, after all He is supposed to have whispered it all in the GB's earholes, so he should know what was said that day.


  • cantleave


    Indeed. Like everything in organisation, including public prayers, are sanitised to ensure that nothing spontaneous or thought provoking is said. We can't have the R&F thinking. Even though there are no prayer books or scripted prayers, there is so much guidance on what can said, that there may as well be. We were even told to included our thanks for the FD&S, for working so hard to feed us spiritually .

  • VM44

    Fred Franz is known for giving a very long prayer once at a convention.

    Does anyone know how long it was?

  • Psychotic Parrot
    Psychotic Parrot

    It wasn't so much the length as the fact that it was all gobshite. But it was quite long yeah, about 20 minutes.

  • Titus


    I know that one prayer was prescripted...

    On the dedication of the Branch building 1999, brother who gave prayer, read complete prayer.

    100% confirmed.

  • Titus

    Why I don't have some pattern on my posts, but only purple rectangle?

    Everyone else has something interesting...

  • cantleave

    At least its not a purple triangle!

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