" i was out in the world and belive me!! Its a terrible place! We are so blessed to be in the truth!"

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  • thetrueone

    What, can i ask would your response be to this?

    So this filthy lying corrupt dangerous maligning publishing organization is

    is the place to be and something everyone in the world should be faithfuly devoted to ?

    JWS will bullshit like this to show their own spiritual strength and support for this organization.

    Its nothing but pretentious propaganda.

    Religion extrudes bullshit and creates bullshitters as well.

    Religions like the JWS/WTS are apostates toward humanity for they are solely constructed to

    embellish power and control into the hands of disingenuous corrupt men. ( Dangerous men )

    Money + power = religion

  • wasblind


    You 'Da man

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    That's why Kingdom Halls don't have windows. That way you can't see all the terribleness out in the world.

  • thetrueone

    There is much stringent hypocrisy within every JW congregation.

    There are adulterers, fornicators, alcoholics, drug abusers, crooked business people, pedophiles,

    users and abusers of all sorted varieties.

    Extremely materialistic people as well.

    To say that JWS stand out as being the most wholesome, honest, forthright and truthful is a disingenuous lie.

  • IsaacJ22

    Here's one (hope no one mentioned it yet):

    "Are you trying to convince me, or just yourself?"

    Then stare at them until they come up with a response.

  • little witch
    little witch

    Just how exactly are JW's not "part of the world"?

    They work, pay taxes, consume, use resources, go to school (at least basics), shop where we do, are tempted as we are, go to theatre, dine out, bowl, skate, swim, purchase goods, bank, invest, use social services, and use door to door salesmanship strageties.

    Same phones, same cars, same housing, same every damn thing that the evil world does.

    Just how in their minds do they pretend they are so distinct and seperate?

    I would ask them that..What do you do differently every day in life that makes you seperate from the world.


  • ziddina

    Oooh, yeah, I remember that "song-and-dance"... Hearing that always set my teeth on edge; it looked to me like the "worldlies" were having a FAR BETTER life than I was...

    Don't know whether this old thread of mine will help you come up with a good response - I've seen many good ones on this thread, so far, but...

    Here 'tis: http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/jw/experiences/174163/1/Deepest-sympathies-to-all-ex-JWs-whove-been-hurt-by-the-WORLD


  • Finally-Free

    " i was out in the world and belive me!! Its a terrible place! We are so blessed to be in the truth!"

    I remember telling the same lie, knowing it was a lie. When you're a JW you're expected to say shit like that.


  • ziddina

    LOL!! OUTLAW!!! Great response!!!

    Billy the Ex!! BEST reason ever expressed for the general lack of windows in most KHs!!!

    IsaacJ22, that was a REALLY GOOD one-liner that might make them think...


  • jamiebowers

    i was out in the world and belive me!! Its a terrible place! We are so blessed to be in the truth!

    My response would be: Due to the secretive nature of the organization, you as a jw have no basis of comparison between it and the "world".

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