Older man marries younger woman, yes; younger man marries older woman?

by dgp 40 Replies latest jw experiences

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    Branded Rebel

    I think it comes down to sex. It's such a taboo subject that is not talked about among the members - god forbid if you do! It's got to be a fetish, the age old younger man/woman seek a more experienced partner. Who knows? When you're given the ultimatum to 'marry only in the lord' - there is a limited pond to chose from. It's not really fair to have to chose a mate based on their religion. Especially when you can't try before you buy. You test drive a car you might plan to have for 5-10-20 years...why wouldn't you do the same to a prospective mate you'll spend the rest of your life with. No wonder the divorce rate among JW's is the same as any nation's average.

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