Jehovah Witness sues Employer

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  • wasblind

    This comment at the bottom of the article cracked me up

    Jehovah's Witness are always going door to door with the Watch Tower , maybe they could carry the mail at the same time and help cut the budget. Click to view my profilebatcave
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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    It's a good thing JWs don't have any restrictions on suing people.

    Were the three wise men JWs? If they were, they couldn't have very well delivered their gifts, now could they? But then, that would have ruined things for millions of other Christians.

  • WTWizard

    I hope those dingbat witlesses not only lose the suit, but have to pay huge court costs. They knew they were going to have to participate in something related to Christmas at the time they took the job. I think they knowingly took the job just so they could shut down the operation and ruin everyone else's Christmas by suing and threatening religious discrimination.

    This is almost as bad as someone hired to decorate homes for Christmas suing because they had to decorate homes for Christmas. They are informed that this is part of their job, or their whole job, at the time of the interview. It is part of the job description that they will be participating in Christmas related activities (wrapping Christmas presents, decorating homes for Christmas, or whatever). So the witlesses take the job, despite knowing they will be expected to do something "against their religion" and with the knowledge that they can refuse to do it later on "religious" grounds and then sue when they get fired for not doing their job that is "against their religion". The idea is to shut down the business, making it that much harder for people that wish to get professional help in preparing for the holidays to get it.

    You know what the job requires. If they would apply common sense (which they don't have in courts, and will have even less when Osama Obama implements Muslim policies), they would realize that a job is Christmas related if the description includes wrapping Christmas presents, decorating homes for Christmas, making and selling Christmas decorations, or hosting holiday parties. If it's against their religion, they shouldn't even apply for the job. This is not like they are hired to put regular merchandise out on displays and later the boss impetuously requires them to dress in a Santa suit or start wrapping Christmas presents or setting up Christmas decorations. They knew it before they started working there, and so they should either have to do what they were hired for or quit and find another job.

    And, if it's against your religion to do something in the job description, you should either discontinue that search or try and find a job for the company that you can do. It is not religious discrimination to list a job description that requires setting up Christmas displays, making or distributing Christmas decorations, wrapping Christmas presents, or hosting a Christmas party. If you cannot do it for whatever reason, you shouldn't accept the position. And, I think the company should sue the witlesses for trying to shut down the holiday aspect of the business by taking a job they know they cannot do, not doing it for religious reasons, and then suing the company for religious bias. Fundamentalist Christians and Muslims do have the right to not celebrate Christmas, but they don't have the right to interfere with others' doing so.

    After all, since when do mainstream Christians and secular people go around applying for positions within Beth Hell, getting in, refusing to do the work on religious grounds, and then suing the witlesses for religious discrimination? Or, applying for work making Eid-al-Fitr decorations or installing these decorations, taking the job, not doing it because it is against their Christian conscience or they refuse to support Islam, and then suing the companies (or the Muslim denominations) for religious discrimination? All those dingbat witlesses want is to shut down the holidays, and I hope not only do they lose their cases (and have to pay 6 figure court costs), but I hope they get sued by the businesses for trying to shut down the holiday aspect, lose a nice 7- or 8-figure judgment, and get even more embarrassment from the public.

    And a lump of coal in their stockings.

  • StAnn

    I loved this particular Belks. I used to go there for Clinique Bonus Week. It was such a luxurious feeling store.

    I bought a beautiful black suit there, and some fantastic shoes, can't remember the brand. The equivalent up here is Dillard's but they are closing left and right. The world would be a sad, sad place if there were no Belks or Dillards left.

    And if Belks closes because of this stupid lawsuit, I will chalk it up to persecution from Satan against women who don't want to dress like 'Hovies.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Made it pass EEOC requirments to lawsuit stage, so they must have thought it had some merit. Management should have just simply let her do the wrapping without trying to force the Santa hat & christmas apron on her. Her religious rights were protected by Federal law and Management was the unreasonable party. Employers can't just fire JW's or anyone for that matter for refusing to wear Santa attire, because of religious beliefs. She won't get rich from this. The suit is for back pay and she probably didn't make much. Doubt much/if any punitive damages will be given.

    Think About It


    Maybe she can get a Job handing out Easter Eggs.....Then sue for having to wear a Bunny costume..

    Jehovah`s Witness`s don`t Celebrate Easter..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • wasblind

    I know of one JW who quit her job because she found out that the job had a contract with the army.

    One JW left theirs because it interfered with the meetings, why would a jw take a job as a gift wrapper

    knowing you would have to wrap birthday and holiday gifts? The JW who quit because her job had a contract

    with the army wasn't actually fighting in the war, but because her job was associated with the army she quit

    again, why would this JW take a job associated with birthdays and holidays?

  • highdose

    wasblind: i now work closely with the army and dispite what the WTBS preaches i've found them all to be very decent, kind and understanding people. Not at all the war mongering thugs that the GB make them out to be!

  • wasblind

    Hey Highdose,

    their are alot of good people in the world, despite what the WTS says, glad you know this for yourself


    The JW woman could get a job handing out Halloween Candy at a Mall..

    She would be required to wear a Halloween costume..

    Her costume would be..

    A Jehovah`s Witness at an Assembly..Complete with name tag..

    Then she could Sue..

    Jehovah`s Witness`s don`t celebrate Halloween..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

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