If the WTBTS suddenly dissappeared

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  • thetrueone

    If the WTBTS suddenly disappeared

    There would be 7 million people ultimately pissed off with uncontrolled rage for being so badly duped and exploited,

    also hundreds of people would not die every year for refusing a blood transfusion.

    You can also imagine people pressing on with law suits against the GB leaders for losing one of their family members.

    Religion in itself being openly ungoverned attracts crooks and charlatans because these individuals can

    hide and conduct themselves without retribution for their actions.

    I'm reminded of a Simpson episode where the Simpson family as well much of the township

    join a religious cult headed by an ominous leader who promises the town folk a place in Paradise

    for joining the group. The people start to bring their the leader money and worship him only to realize

    that the leader is a fraud who eventually tries to flee with all their cash. The leader with his phony disguised

    space ship eventually gets shot down in the air making all the money fall to the ground to be collected by a

    slack jaw poor yoky.

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