If the WTBTS suddenly dissappeared

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  • exwhyzee

    I think most of those that are not talking to disfellowshipped friends and relatives would continue with the shunning practice out of pride and spite. Over the years, it seems to me that most JW's are less concerned about Jehovah's will or how he feels than they are about their own feelings of personal superiority or righteous indignation toward the disfellowshipped one. I call it the "How Dare You!" factor.

    When our son was DF'd and soon after diagnosed with Cancer, along with everyone else, one of our good friends shunned him and us for helping him, even when he was in intensive care. She said "We have to obey Jehovah's loving arrangement. There has to be consequences for our behaviour" About a year later, she cheated on her Elder husband and left him and their two teenage daughters. She still goes to the same hall as they do but didn't get disfellowshipped. She even goes out in service. After breaking up her family she is out showing worldly people, the error of their ways. It's so unbelievable how people can somehow justify things in their minds and can carry out "God's will" beyond what he himself might do.

  • yknot

    Me thinks of your sister...

    If the WTS was to disappear........she would probably hole up in her apartment and start collecting cats discerning they are superior by taking the to cat shows.


    People who need to feel superior will just shift from one self-validating thing to another..... if none is found they sink into depression and bitterness


    If the WBT$ suddenly Disappeared..

    The Outside World would Never Notice..

    Watchtower Who?..

    .......................... ...OUTLAW

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Donut shops across the United States and in Canada would go broke.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I know what you are saying exwhyzee. When my wife (a JW) had cancer none of the witnesses ever came over to see her or help her. I'm sure this was because of my reputation as some someone who left and opposes the "truth". Then again you're not much use to the Watchtower or fun to be a round when you are sick so that could also have been part of it also. Many of these morons who consider me evil for leaving their religion are themselves adulters, drunks, and wife beaters. I know of cases with non witnesses where they put their problems aside and showed compassion when an illness was involve. Not the case with Jehovah's people. They're above compassion and stick to the rule book at all cost. You have to remember these people would let their loved one die over a faulty interpretation of the scriptures regarding blood. This even though Jesus said it was ok to break a law to save a life. To paraphrase Jesus he asked who among you wouldn't break the Sabbath by going into a pit to save their sheep who was stuck. The Witnesses answer " We wouldn't".

    I hope your son is ok now.

  • fokyc

    MY wife wouldn't know what to do - or where to go on Sundays and Thursdays,

    she would be totally lost!

  • Borgdrone

    I would have a party and celebrate with family and friends.

  • wobble

    The only sad thing would be, if the WTBS went into oblivion, we would have one less looney institution to laugh at, and we would no longer come here to JWN.

  • boyzone

    If the WT disappeared ...I'd be a very happy girl.

  • wasblind

    shunning a sick familiy member a loving arrangement?

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