Any Mad Men fans?

by Pandoras cat11 24 Replies latest social entertainment

  • shamus100

    Yes, yes, and yes. They really did.

    People had three martini lunches - thus the saying. ;D

  • mindseye

    Excellent show, one of the few great things on TV (now that the Sopranos is off the air). It shows that the good ole' days weren't always so good (but looked glamorous, at least). The show has some soap opera-like elements, but I feel that it takes it time and unfolds more like a novel. It's subtle, something that's rarely seen in most entertainment IMO.

  • shamus100

    I nearly died laughing when they had their 'picnic'. The clean-up scene is just so typical. ;D

  • spanteach

    I just finished my Mad Men marathon a week ago. I have a love/hate relationship with Don Draper. When he closes the deal on a difficult account, I'm cheering him on. But when he's having one fling after another and then lying to his wife about it, I want to key his car and cut up all his neck-ties.

  • daringhart13

    Love it.

    Such complex people.

    I love Don Draper.

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