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  • Highlander

    To the cult member, it may be a group think mentality, imaginary self preservation or a misguided principle, the end result is that a child is sacrificed. I did not say that jw's do not love their children. A jw is willing to sacrifice their child because the child is ultimately slightly less important than the jw belief system.

    Discussing the jw mentality can be productive from a non cult member point of view. It is to ones advantage to be prepared for a worst case scenario.

    Elder patrol, how much blood is on your hands? If you are an elder, you are in a position to actually save a life(and no I'm not referring to recruiting new cult members with your preaching work). What will you do if involved in a situation involving the blood doctrine and a child within your congregation? Will you step up and do the right thing, knowing that it may cost you your position as an elder? Or will you follow the other jw lemmings down the blood soaked path created by the watchtower?

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Your daughter is lucky to have you on her side . Having children of my own and reliving the JW struggle through their eyes was a painful thing to go through, it wasn't until our youngest was almost out of High School that I had my true awakening .

    Even when they were small I tried to make being a JW a better experience for them than I had . I never drilled into them the fear of Armaggedeon like my Mom had done with me and my siblings .

    When I did research on the JW position about blood transfusions , I had my eyes opened to just how wrong this doctrine was and how steeped in human opinion it all was based upon . That caused me to become extremely angry at myself for being so terribly gulliable ..All my life I had gone along with and put complete trust in a manmade religious organization. I really believed that giving blood to a dying child would displease God . So much so that when our five yr old son had emergency surgery I staunchly told the Doctor if it came down to giving blood to my child or allowing him to die w/o it we would go the no blood route ......It SICKENS me now to look back and think I could have made such a heartless statement . Thankfully our son's operation was successful and we did not need to face that issue . However looking back and considering the what if's makes me shudder ! I remember even then how frightened I was because deep down it just did not seem right ,but the twisted Witness thinking makes you truly believe what good is bad and what bad is good .....

    I now work around the public school system and I see just how much our young ones missed out on . The Witnesses will only point out the negative aspects like ,"OH yeah they missed out on drugs, sex, and unwanted pregnancies "......but they don't see the everyday little joys kids have at school when they fully participate . The beaming faces on the day of their Christmas music recital for parents and grandparents .( As a witness I remeber just wanting to disappear into the woodwork on those days because I would not be allowed to attend) The excitment on the day they are bringing home their "Mother's Day " projects .( I remember feeling torn because I also planted the marigold to bring home to Mom ,but I knew it was wrong to do Mothers Day ) The sense of accomplishment and commadarie they feel with their soccer teamates .( I loved basketball and wanted so much to be part of a team ,but it was not allowed. ) The giddiness of giving a special girl a Valentine in class . ( JW kids get to feel dirty and guilty for the small crushes they have in grade school ) Then in High School just getting to try out different clothing styles ,hair , music ,ect seeking out individuality and independence ....( The witness teen is poured into a predetermined mold and constantly reminded 'independant thinking is wrong ) Proud Seniors applying to Colleges and excited about the new oppurtunities ahead ....( many witness youths have already been pulled from school to finish High School in a home school program so they can graduate early and start pioneering while working a pt job )

    Give your baby a hug and know in your heart you WILL be giving her a better life >

  • jwfacts

    I agree totally. I never agreed with the shunning doctrine, but after having my baby it is now incomprehensible. All I want is for my son to be happy. I could never judge him based on work choice, sexuality etc. I want to be there to support him for life. No religion could ever tell me that if his viewpoints are different than mine he is not worthy of my affection and attention.

  • Elder-Patrol

    Again, intelligently arguing against the biblicality or practicality of a particular JW position is one thing.

    Saying that millions of JW parents don't love their children enough is another.

    Perhaps an atheist would view the matter differently from a "believer", but I'd have thought it understood that principles have a special place in our humanity, whether a person's principles relate to her patriotism, devotion, idealism, or even nongod humanism. In any of those cases, it seems wrong to oversimplify principles as though they were no different from any other personal preference. A person's principles may seem foolish, but they may be in contrast with his preferences and do not indicate what he loves or doesn't love. A Christian might note that God does not love his ransom principle MORE than He loves Jesus, yet John 3:16 stands.

    Have you ever studied the so-called "double effect"? The idea has always struck me as amazingly untrusting in God. As I already said, however, an atheist would likely view the matter differently.

  • out4good3

    Jaime: Yes, my wife is a jw. The only reason I am still with her is because I knocked her up.


  • jamiebowers

    @troubled mind:

    The Witnesses will only point out the negative aspects like ,"OH yeah they missed out on drugs, sex, and unwanted pregnancies "..

    Many jw kids have plenty of experience with drugs, sex, and unwanted pregnancies. They just hide it better than "worldly" kids. They're better at living a double life, because so much depends on it.


    Saying that millions of JW parents don't love their children enough is another.

    If love isn't the motivation to shield children from unscriptural practices such as the ban on blood transfusions and shunning, what is?

    Have you ever studied the so-called "double effect"? The idea has always struck me as amazingly untrusting in God.

    No, I haven't, but trusting in God is a whole lot different than trusting in the Watchtower.

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