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  • Highlander

    I'm in the living room, watching my wife interact with our baby girl. The pure joy and innocence emanating from my beautiful baby is beyond anything I could have every imagined. I see the smile on my wife's face. There is no doubt that my baby girl has brought much happiness and purpose into our lives.

    I hear the joy and excitement from my family as we talk about my first child. My mom(and other family) living out of state, look forward to and enjoy the pictures and videos that I send almost daily.

    I can't help but wonder how these same people that love my baby girl would be willing to sacrifice her to the watchtower blood doctrine.

    Years ago, a family relative and his wife had a son with significant health problems at a young age. I was very young at the time and do not remember all of the details. What I do remember is that his blood count was dangerously low and a blood transfusion was required. This relative and his wife refused the transfusion however being in the US, the local courts allowed the medical staff to perform the necessary medical procedures that saved their son's life.

    As a parent I am willing to give up my life for my child. Is a witness willing to do the same? I think the answer is no. A witness in a situation involving their child and the blood doctrine could authorize the doctor to give the necessary blood. Ofcourse, the parent would have violated their blood doctrine and risk losing their life to their 'loving' god but there would be no denying that the parents are willing to sacrifice themselves to save their child. As we know, that's not what happens. Instead, the parents forbid the medical staff from performing life saving procedures and it's up the court system to step in. These parents are willing to sacrifice their own children for a chance to please their god and live forever. They are trying to save their own life at the expense of children. That is an extremely selfish act. A parent is willing to make a martyr of an innocent child. It's an act of murder.

    Maybe I should be thankful that I'm unable to understand jw parents. If I understood their view, I'd be at risk of agreeing with or being complicit in their fucked up blood thirsty doctrine. I do know this, I will never allow my wife or family to put my baby girl at risk. It's my job as a father to protect, care for, love and appreciate the bundle of joy that she is.

  • nelly136

    I will never allow my wife or family to put my baby girl at risk. It's my job as a father to protect, care for, love and appreciate the bundle of joy that she is.

    welcome to parenthood

  • jamiebowers

    Is your wife a jw?


    Your views on this will only get stronger over the years when you get to know your daughter and bond with her.

    Becoming a parent re-defines your world and may make you question how you were brought up too.



  • Highlander

    Jaime: Yes, my wife is a jw. The only reason I am still with her is because I knocked her up.

  • Gayle

    Becoming a parent, started my Crises of Conscience. Re-evaluation set in, reflecting on how I was raised and how I would be as a parent and how I would have unconditional love for my children, became stronger by far than the loyalty required by the organization.

    I found early on I wouldn't show Armageddon pictures, Abraham about to kill with a knife his son, any pictures of violence. How truly boring meetings were for children, didn't take much perception to see that reality for all children.

    I knew all the GB in the early 70s, and clearly, what was their record or experience for raising children? They were clueless.

    My children had priority, and I finally left. They are all grown, have graduated college, and none were ever baptized thankfully. I have 6 grandkids now.

    Your daughter is very lucky (hee-hee) to have you!!

  • Highlander

    Gayle! Thanks for the input. I had forgotton how the jws use Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his own son as an example to follow. That is a great example of cult indoctrination. Teaching that it's ok to murder your child with a knife to appease an imaginary sky daddy is unbelievable.

    I hope that I can have the same success in keeping my daughter safe from cult mind control.


  • jamiebowers
    Jaime: Yes, my wife is a jw. The only reason I am still with her is because I knocked her up.

    I'm sorry to hear that. I never thought of the angle where normal parents would die for their kids, but jw parents are willing to let their kids die for them. How awful! That's what makes the Watchtower cult so demands submission to the death.

  • Elder-Patrol

    To the true believer, the matter is more of principle than of the hereafter.

    In any event, it's insulting and counter-productive to argue that JWs do not love their children, or to insist that a typical JW parent would not give his life for that of his child. Even if a critic has issues with JW leadership or some JW policy, why insult millions of rank-and-file Witnesses by claiming that they literally sacrifice their children for their own selfish well-being?

    JWs claim that the primary reason for their obedience is to honor God, and there seems no objective basis upon which to question that conviction while not questioning the convictions of others.

    What if soldiers demanded that a mother spit on the flag or her children would be killed?

    What if a pregnant mother carrying triplets was told that all are in danger unless she aborts one?

    It seems likely that many mothers would refuse to spit on the flag and would refuse to abort one of three unborn children. Yet, it seems intellectually dishonest and grossly oversimplified to say either mother crassly valued her own preference over her children.

  • man in black
    man in black

    when I became a parent I would have sold my soul, given my life, climbed any mountain to make sure that the child was taken care of.

    when I was a witness my sensiblility radar was no doubt influenced by the witnesses to an extent,

    My advice to you would be to focus on your child your # 1 priority.

    As a witness years ago, I was influenced by the elders, and others who put the wtbts beliefs first in their lives.

    I'm soooo thankful that my wife and I were not "diehard' witnesses

    let common sense be your guide as life goes on,,,, not a fractured belief system

    And congratulations on becoming a parent.

    From my experience, ( two teenage boys) it is the best and most important thing that will ever happen to you

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