Got My Nose Pierced Yesterday

by Coffee House Girl 19 Replies latest jw experiences

  • wantstoleave

    It was weird because my mum actually went with me when I had it done! We didn't tell my dad and it took him a week to When he eventually did, he said he liked it! I thought it was odd nobody called me on it either. I was still 'active' and at meetings, field service etc. Yet when I had a skirt that sat ON the knees, I was hauled in the back room. Go figure!

  • jwfacts

    I have my navel pierced, which is somewhat unusual for a guy. I always wanted a tattoo or piercing and that seemed the safest as a JW. A sister that used to really like me was completely stumbled and felt is was an indication that I had become apostate.

  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    Wantstoleave- go figure, well I go tonite to stay with Dad while Mom is at convention & take him to get kidney dialysis- it will be an interesting experiment to see if he notices it at all, lol.

    jwfacts- never heard of a guy getting a navel pierced either, there were sisters I heard rumor of getting navel piercings because you could hide them...did you get a tatoo or additional piercing after leaving the Borg??


  • jwfacts

    No tattoo yet, but maybe one day. I am pretty white so dark tats stand out too much on my skin. Maybe will get a white one.


    There are certain places I don`t need an Extra Hole..One would be my Nose..

    The other would be my Bum..

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • imconfused

    I got my belly button done whilst still active, my mam nearly disowned me - haha, I was 19 & had left home!

    I have since got my tounge pierced and 2 parts of my ear (cant remeb names) and a tatoo also - I love them both - can hardly see my tounge as I dont open my moth wide enough when I talk & my tatoo is on the back of my neck, my hair is long so can only be seen if I tie it back. I'd wanted both done even when I was "in" and didnt dare to.

    A freind of mine had her belly button done and the elders told her to take it out to be allowed to be baptised, then demanded to see her belly to make sure she had taken it out (prob an excuse to have a perv on a teenage girl!)

  • What-A-Coincidence

    i think nose piercings detract from a womans beauty ... attention should go to the face and not to a speck on your nose

  • coffee shop guy
    coffee shop guy

    Hey folks, I just got back from a 17 day trip to South Africa.

    Okay, I got back Tuesday night and neither one of us saw the light of day until this morning.

    I like the nose pierce. It is very understated and cute on CHG.


  • donny

    I am still drying my eyes from laughing so hard. After I read about the nose ring and tattoos, I asked my office co-worker (a JW) if he would ever consider getting a tattoo. He replied "Yeah I have always had the desire to get a large tattoo that covers my back and it consists of a Watchtower cover from the 1980's that reads "Gods Name: What is It?


  • Morbidzbaby

    Oooh i got mine done back in March! On a meeting night!! LOL I went and no one said a darn thing to me about it. I've had MAYBE 2 JW's say something about "we're not supposed to have them" and I just shoot back with a "do your research it's a conscience matter look it up". Their own literature SAYS it's a conscience matter...yet HINTS that it's preferable not to have it. Hey, my "conscience" allows it. If Rebekah can have a huge heavy schnozz ring, then so can I...she is, after all, referred to favorably in the Bible... lol

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