My A/C is OUT!

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  • Watchtowers Witnesses
    Watchtowers Witnesses

    Fans are almost useless at high temps, but another trick that works is filling a spray bottle with ice water and spraying it on you every now and then while staying in front of the fan.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    My AC is out on my car right now. All I need to do is take it back and have the mechanic install the hose he ordered and it will work again but it has been so cool here I haven't bothered. It is in the low 70's here. We have an onshore wind every morning and the sun doesn't break through the overcast till about one in the afternoon. I'm getting tired of this. I want my summer.

  • moshe

    I have just intalled an 8000btu high efficiency window A/C in our bedroom. I can turn the central A/C way back at night now and , in case I lose my electricity for a week from a storm I will be able to run the window unit off my generator. I figure I will save $100/mo in electricity by turning up the thermostat in the house A/C at night. I also have a small backup in case my central A/C quits, I will be able to sleep at night and cool the livingroom next to the bedroom.

  • besty
  • JWoods

    I think a current trend is for people to make do with less central AC use than before. We have three zones in the house - one for the downstairs, one for the master bedroom, and one for all the upstairs.

    I have been leaving the main downstairs at 88 during the day, the master bedroom at 78 (only at night on the timer-thermostat), and using fans. The upstairs is left off all the time.

    This is in Dallas (it gets HOT here) and has literally cut my highest August electric bill from around $500 before (when the kids were living at home and we ran everything in the low 70s) down to around $200 or less.

    For sure, when I was a young kid in the 1950s, we managed without any AC for years and then later with only an evaporative cooler.

  • undercover

    Our a/c went out mid-summer one time. It was old and on it's last legs. When it went, we had some major ductwork issues resolved while having the unit replaced. So we went without a/c for three weeks.

    The first week was fine. It took me back to being a kid when we relied on fans and cool morning breezes. The second week, I wasn't bothered by the heat too much, but the humidity was too high. Not because of comfort but everything seemed damp to the touch. By the time we got it back on I was over living in the past without a/c.

    We have turned our temps up though. Realized we didn't need to keep it on 72 to be comfortable. We're at 76 and 78 and it's fine...especially when it's 92 to 98 outside.



    A stash of tinned food and you will be ready for the Great Tribulation.

  • donny

    JWoods said "This is in Dallas (it gets HOT here")

    I here you there brother. I grew up and lived in Dallas for my first 40 years. When I was in elementary school we had no AC at all, just a big fan on a stand. We also did not have AC at home in the 1960's and we too used a swamp cooler at first and eventaully got central air just before I graduated in 1977.

    Here in Northern California, 2010 is being called the year without a summer. So far we have had no real heat waves to speak of. The high here in Salinas today is 64. Last week I called my dad in Dallas and told him that our high that day (62) was 18 degrees cooler then their low (80). I guess all of the heat has found its way to the East Coast this year.


  • Scully

    When it's been really super hot and humid and we didn't have A/C, the only thing that would help would be to take a couple of cool showers when I couldn't stand it anymore, and then dry off in front of a fan. It was so refreshing!!

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I use my A/C very sparingly, mainly when it's really humid. Even when it's in the 90's here, if there isn't any humidity, I won't turn the air on.

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