Maybe you all could give me some suggestions.

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  • nelly136

    although a doctor would be the best option,

    until you have the means you could try a couple of things to try and ease the symptoms.

    sounds like you got some acid going on,

    you might find that upping your alkaline food intake helps list of alkaline foods

    if you chew gum...don't! it creates the sense of food coming and your stomach starts preparing acid for digestion.

    cut out caffeine, if you use normal milk then maybe swap to goats or non dairy

    dont take brufen based painkillers.

  • Starfish


    I had something similar to you a while back.

    It was actually when we moved abroad and I had stomach problems. I wasn´t sure why and laid off bread for a while-didn´t help but I did lose a few pounds. After a while it got me so worried that I decided to pay for some tests. I was thinking it was something quite serious.

    It turned out that I was fine..nothing was wrong. It was all in my mind and once I knew I wasn´t going to drop down dead.. I relaxed and then my stomach was normal again.

    Looking back, I think it was because I was under alot of stress. At the time, I didn´t think I was- but you can be stressed without realising- of course it makes sense now that I was actually under alot of stress - I just moved abroad, not long had a baby and my mom died.

    You have been temping and don´t have healthcare...that is a worry in it´self- the stomach is a complex organ and very easily affected by our emotions.

    Hope you feel better..

  • transhuman68

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away...maybe...

  • bsmart

    It doesnt sound like it could be an ulcer, but maybe your symptoms are atipical. Generally caused by bacteria... Pepto B has mild antiseptic properties and it works for the nausia too. theres a reason its been around so long, it does the trick.

    If nothing works within a week or so, do like was mentioned previously; type in free clinics and your zip. Google is your friend.

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