Birthdays and Jehovah

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  • ldrnomo

    Would it be a conscience matter it we ate frosting from a can, flour sugar and oil from a bowl and cold cream and sugar.

    Kind of like a fractional birthday celebration.


  • wantstoleave

    I have never celebrated mine and am already dreading it rolling around because I've no one who will celebrate it for me

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Of course I don't mind you using it Cult Classic. I'm probably borrowing from someone else anyway.

    Maybe he would have kept birthdays around Billy if he had realized that a lot of people spend them drunk.

    Happy Birthday to you also Coffee House Girl. Not everyone gets over the JW doctrine dribble as quickly as I did (about 5 minutes) but it will erode over time. In the mean time I'll have your drink rather that waste it.

    Sabastious you added facial hair to the list of things Rutherford hated. There was an exception to this...... on Italian women.

    VM44 you said that it was ok in the Watchtower's eyes to celebrate the corporations 100 birthday but not the individual. That's different. After all the Spirit annointed organization is the third member of the Watchtower Trinity.

    I agree Steve2. The best way for JW to deal with the Watchtower is run for the door.

    Thank you Jamiebowers. I certainly will.

    Scully, I find that if we apply the god of the Witnesses behavior to ourselves WWID (what would I do) we see just how small mean childish the god they worship is.

    ID I think that birthday cake fractions would make a great "question from readers" in whatever magazine they put that in. Do they still have that section? I'm very out of touch with it these days. They'd probably just try to prove their point by bring up John the Baptist head on a platter anyway.

    Why not do it here Wantstoleave? It would be a start. If we all lived closer together you would have a lot of us on this board that would be happy to celebrate it with you. The WT does a good job of isolating people so that when they leave it is hard to fit back into society and enjoy normal life but in time it does happen. I remember one odd thought I had when I left the Watchtower. I was that if I died now I would have no one to attend my funeral. They really mess with your mind.

    That was fun. This was the first time I reply to everyone that had a comment on my post.

    Thanks guys

  • Heartofaboy

    I been invited to a work colleagues 40th birthday party.

    I'm very fond of her & I'm one of only two people to have been invited from my office.

    I've never been to a birthday party before & I'm getting a bit uptight about what to do.

    I would like to go but the JW indoctrination regarding birthdays is troubling me.


  • Lozhasleft
    Rutherford hated children. And he hated Mother's Day. But he loved to drink booze.

    Right...that figures Billy!

    Wantstoleave - We will...we'll celebrate with you !

    Loz x

  • iceguy

    I remember when I was a teenager I asked an elder why can we celebrate wedding anniverseries and not birthdays? He said " because god instituded marriage". Then I said " did'nt he institute birth"? He had nothing to say and lucky for him another elder needed to speak to him so he scurried off.

  • Quillsky
    I've never been to a birthday party before & I'm getting a bit uptight about what to do.

    I would like to go but the JW indoctrination regarding birthdays is troubling me.

    Hoab, are you uptight about what to do as a guest at a birthday party, or uptight as to whether to attend in the first place?

    If you're not sure about how to be a good guest, start by thinking about a thoughtful but simple gift that shows you know something about your colleague's personality. It doesn't have to be complicated - a book about something she's interested in (write "Dear So-and-So.... A very happy birthday - hope the next year is wonderful!" in the front - perhaps you'll find writing that to be liberating!), flowers (99% of women appreciate flowers and about 75% of men do), a bottle of good wine, a quirky candle holder, or perhaps something that smells good like bath oil or perfume.....

    We didn't have much experience at gift-giving if we were raised as JW's, did we? I was always told "JW's don't need Christmas and birthdays - we can give gifts anytime of the year." Ha ha sure, like that happened.

    But if you're not sure about whether to attend the birthday party at all, please remember that your colleague has bothered to invite YOU above most others to enjoy the special occasion - forget about your feelings and think about making her day special..

    Go, and enjoy! (And report back here.)

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    I have a different perspective on birthdays. having become a witness in my 30's. I had the unlucky situation of having a birthday around christmas so in my life my birthday often got sucked up into the christmas festivities. my mother was poor so I got one present for both occasions people were never available to celebrate with me because of the holiday. so when I became a witness I thought it never was a big deal to me anyway

    however I do agree that its a ridiculous rule and really makes no sense

  • Titus

    ND, you are here, ha?

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew


    I don't understand you're comment?

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