BANE is an Apostate

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  • UnDisfellowshipped

    BANE is an Apostate!

    According to the Watchtower Society, by BANE's own words, he has declared himself to be an Apostate!

    (All of the things that I am posting below are things that BANE has stated on other Threads on this website)

    BANE said:

    "I haven´t acted in any way that the bible doesn´t give me power to. Jesus called the apostates vipers and snakes. I do the same. Are you saying I shouldn´t follow my lord? So there. I never want that point EVER AGAIN to be talked to of me because I just defeated it with a scriptural example. The sly apostate way has been pulled on me before but I always defeat it with that example and it drives the apostates crazy! HAHA..." (Quote from the "Questions For Bane, Scholar, and ALL Jehovah's Witnesses" Thread)

    The Watchtower said:

    "Have No Dealings With Apostates [...] When a fellow human tells us, ‘Do not read this’ or, ‘Do not listen to that,’ we may be tempted to ignore his advice. But remember, in this case Jehovah is the One who tells us in his Word what to do. And what does he say about apostates? “Avoid them” (Romans 16:17, 18); “quit mixing in company with” them (1 Corinthians 5:11); and “never receive [them] into your homes or say a greeting to [them]” (2 John 9, 10). These are emphatic words, clear directions. If, out of curiosity, we were to read the literature of a known apostate, would that not be the same as inviting this enemy of true worship right into our home to sit down with us and relate his apostate ideas? [...] Yes, Jehovah ‘teaches us to benefit ourselves.’ He tells us to keep separate from apostates and their teaching, and this for our own protection. It means our life. [...] At 2 Timothy 2:14-19, Paul stressed the importance of using Jehovah’s Word to set matters straight but warned of the need to avoid apostates" (Quote from The Watchtower, March 15th, 1986 Issue)


    BANE is claiming that he has received special authority from Jesus and the Bible which the Watchtower Society, Governing Body, and Faithful and Discreet Slave Class says DOES NOT belong to him.

    BANE says he is fiollowing the Lord Jesus by confronting apostates on this website, however, the Watchtower Society emphatically says that NO JEHOVAH'S WITNESS should EVER have dealings with apostates or read their writings or speak to them. The Watchtower says that if you were to do this, it is the SAME as inviting an enemy of true worship right into your home to sit down with you and relate his apostate ideas.

    BANE, in another Thread, applied the "Locust/Scorpions" of Revelation Chapter 9 to HIMSELF. However, the Watchtower Society teaches that these Locust/Scorpions are the ANOINTED Witnesses of Jehovah.

    BANE, are you claiming to be of the ANOINTED Remnant of Christ's Little Flock?

    Bottom line, BANE misapplies and misuses the Holy Scriptures, and most significantly, he claims to be representing the Governing Body and Faithful and Discreet Slave Class of Jehovah's Witnesses, while at the SAME TIME, he is flagrantly DISOBEYING their commands and directives found in Watchtower Publications and Talks.

    BANE also claims that Jehovah has given him the authority to judge, condemn, and harshly criticize and speak abusively to apostates, using name-calling, and telling apostates that they are doomed to Gehenna.

    However, the Watchtower Publications teach that NO HUMAN has the authority to judge or condemn ANYONE ELSE, NOT EVEN APOSTATES. The Watchtower teaches that EVEN APOSTATES CAN REPENT and be restored to Jehovah, as King Manasseh was, and King David was after he committed murder and adultery.

    Modern-day Watchtower Publications even teach that Christians should NEVER speak abusively toward apostates or condemn them, because Michael the Archangel refused to speak abusively toward Satan the Devil. Modern Watchtower Publications also teach that Jehovah's Witnesses should LOVE THEIR ENEMIES and NEVER judge whether or not a certain individual is going to go to Gehenna, because NO HUMAN can read hearts or minds.

    The Watchtower Society teaches that God has entrusted ALL authority to judge into the hands of Jesus Christ, and NO HUMAN.

    So BANE, according to the Watchtower Publications, YOU ARE AN APOSTATE.

    BANE, who do you think you are?

    Who do you claim to be?

    You have already claimed to have MORE AUTHORITY than Michael the Archangel, the Faithful and Discreet Slave Class, the Apostles, and the Governing Body.

    Not only that, but if you really are a Witness, you are making Jehovah's Witnesses LOOK BAD by your abusive name-calling and condemning people to Gehenna.

    None of the actual Jehovah's Witnesses that I knew for 20 years would EVER have done that.

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  • EndofMysteries

    BANE - if your reading this......your prob in the phase I was a few years back. Feel an advanced understanding, yet still have faith God's org is the WT, and they just haven't caught up, so your remaining quiet on some issues.

    If I'm right, re-read the beginning of Revelation, the books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel (the prophets), and see what prophesy's are against what we are taught is "spiritual israel" and it's shepherds. Then you may check WT's and find that they are 'never' going to catch up, there is a sickness that began almost as early as it started and they've gone backwards instead of forwards on many things.

  • moshe

    In that case, Bane, welcome brother, to JWN When is your birthday?- so you can have a real party.

  • cantleave

    Welcome to the dark side Bane. I always knew we had an understanding. We all love you here.


    Bane would have to be a Jehovah`s Witness first..

    He`s disqualified from being an Apostate..But..

    Not from lack of trying..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • UnDisfellowshipped

    BANE, since Outlaw and several others here are very suspicious and doubtful that you are even a real Witness, would you care to give your "Testimony" as to how you became a JW, what it was that originally convinced you that the Witnesses had the Truth? What book was the first one you studied with the JW's?

    What were some of your favorite assemblies and talks?

    How often do you go door to door?

    Do you read all the new publications?

    Are you keeping up with the advancing light?

    Do you do personal Bible Study and prayer?

    What are your favorite songs in the new song book?

    Now, no one is asking you to give out personal info though.

  • dgp

    Undisfellowshipped, wow. Do you mean that the fact that Bane is here DEFENDING the WT ("having apostates for breakfast", he said) would get him in trouble? How is the defense he makes here different from, say, arguing with an apostate he happens to come across?

  • UnDisfellowshipped


    That's just it. The Watchtower forbids any JW from speaking to or listening to ANY "known apostate" that they run into ANYWHERE.

    Bane is the one who has labeled all of us as "Known Apostates" and he said he is posting here for the purpose of "Challenging Apostates" and "Out-Scripturizing" them and showing all of us that we are all doomed to Gehenna.

    Bane is deliberately associating with KNOWN APOSTATES, which is a Disfellowshipping offense according to Watchtower Teachings.

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