As a Woman Have your Attitudes Towards Men Changed After Exiting JW's ?

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  • FlyingHighNow

    I like non fundy men lots better, as long as they don't buy into the stereo types of men too awful much. I like a strong man with back bone, who treats women as equals, but recognizes that men and women differ and celebrates those differences. I like a man who genuinely likes women. Oh a lot of men lust for women, but can't stand them all the same.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I was thinking of starting an island of amazons, but I'm 8 inches to short.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I had the same experience as LHG. I was a single gal with no family support so I had to work full-time to support myself. There were a couple of single women who were pioneers in my cong but they came across as needy, codependant girls who accepted living in poverty in order to pioneer. I have never been materialistic, but I was realistic, and there was no way I was prepared to be like them.

    As far as men went, yes, I was brought up with the idea that all non-JW men were lustful beasts who wanted to get into your pants the first minute they could. I wish, haha!

    No, I enjoy the company of all men, and have found non-JW men to be far more respectful and considerate of women compared to JW men.

  • Zapper_1

    There's always tom terrific, mrsj.

  • flipper

    TWITCH- Maybe God's waiting for the " overlapping generations " to end. LOL !

    LONG HAIR GAL- Good points you make ! I think lots of married JW women were either jealous or envious I feel of the FREEDOM , not just the accomplishments that single JW women did in working and providing for themselves. And married women might have felt threatened by a good looking JW single woman with a good figure- so they'd out of envy influence their elder husbands by sniping and complaining about " loose " ( allegedly ) single sisters dress styles. It's so stupid- isn't it ? I'm glad you have found independence and success on your own my friend. Good for you

  • flipper

    FHN- I hear you. I think non-religious men tend to be very understanding ( contrary to popular opinion ) and much more secure in their own skin than religious men. Also less hangups when it comes to sexual relationships without the guilt religion puts in people. Men who are strong yet respect women and the differences in men and women are rare these days for sure . How tall are Amazon women ? LOL ! 6 feet ? So does that put you at 5 ft. 4 inches ? LOL !

    BROKEN PROMISES- I'm glad you experienced your independence and treasured it ! Good for you. It is amazing hoe the WT society deceives it's female members into buying that aLL non-witness men are " beasts " ready to jump a woman's bones in a heartbeat. Ridiculous. As you said, there are MANY more men outside the JW cult who really respect women

  • yknot

    Okay--- I don't really count--- I am still 'in


    Being 36 and not as controlled by WTS dictates......... Men are really looking yummy this year, I never noticed the definition of their muscles, tone of their voice or even just the manner in which the carry themselves. As an asleep witness, I would have never ever allowed myself the 'attitude' to notice such things......(gosh that sounds pervy)

    Guys are still guys, the older I get the more I discern how much they 'front' for us girls, but hey even peacocks strut........

    I am growing less tolerant of selfish or weak men who 'dominate' just to 'dominate'...........

    Now the jw part sneaks back in ......guys are so cute when they are taking a the lead sometimes.......really it is adorable to watch them.... I mean if they can 'take a lead' in the KH perhaps they know how to lead in other areas (cough cough cough bedroom cough cough)

  • FlyingHighNow

    I was thinking at least 5'10" for the amazons. I don't mind a man who is more liberal in his religious views. Spiritual and deep thinking goes a long way.

  • StAnn

    I find it odd that all of the women are saying that men aren't interested in having sex with them. I don't think I know any men who haven't approached me in that way at one point in time or another. Even the pizza delivery boy called one night after he got off shift and I just laughed and laughed. I'm old enough to be his mother! But now that I'm not a JW, I can just laugh about it and not stress out and report the boy to the elders.

    Things have changed a lot in my attitude toward men but it's not just because I'm an ex-JW. Part of it is because after I divorced, I was single for about 10 years before I married Mr. St. Ann. I got that time to find my own way of doing things. When I married the first time, I got married to a JW when I was only 18. I highly recommend that people spend about 4-5 years living on their own before they marry.

    ~St. Ann~

  • FlyingHighNow

    St. Ann, men can lose interest in sex when they get stressed or depressed. I know a few women whose husbands and boyfriends punish them by with holding sex. These women are beautiful, sexy women, too. It's all a myth that women are always the disinterested ones.

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