I'm not sure how people who escape from the Borg deal with their still brainwashed wives/husbands

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  • confliction

    Sounds like a plan to me...

  • gubberningbody


    I read here how people are married to JWs and they have things they can talk about and things they can't and that's a bafflement to me.

    I grew up in a household where there was NO TOPIC you couldn't discuss. It didn't matter if others disagreed, it was up to you to put forth your best arguments, present your case and admit to defeat when you were defeated.

    I could NEVER leave a topic alone or have a pretend relationship with someone where we had only certain things we could talk about.

    That's not a relationship, that's a disjunction, that's detente, that's a cold war, that's a border dispute, that's a diplomatic arrangement.

    What is it with JW's who can read the words "there is no fear in love", and then they go on and act all fearful of discussion?

    To me you have to put up or shut up. You're in in and you win it or you should quit.

    When you're right, you're right and when you're wrong you're wrong.

    What about King David who said, "should the righteous one strike me, it would be a loving kindness; And should he reprove me it would be oil upon the head, which my head would not want to refuse?"

    If a person is really like David, they'll suck it up, and go out to meet Goliath and if they failed, then they'd thank the one who corrected him or her for the kind defeat.

    JW's who refuse to engage are sh*t-heads lacking in any integrity of mind or heart.

  • moshe

    In a long term JW/ ex-JW marriage they have agreed that one room in the house, the JWish one is off limits to the ex-JW. If they should go into it, all hell will break loose. Now the JW can go anyplace they want, bring up any topic they choose and bad mouth any religion they want- but the ex-JW has to be a good little doormat for their JW spouse or suffer the consequences. What looks like a workable marriage is just a business arrangement, as the JW spouse has to emotionally disconnect from the soon-to-be destroyed ex-JW spouse. They can't get atttached to someone who has been condemned to death by almighty Jehoobah and his faithful and discreet, no-name, slave class.

  • TD

    There's whole litany of things that most married couples don't say to each other

    Here are a few from my perspective:

    "I was with John the other day and he needed to stop by the Dukati dealership. Those 1198's are nice! Remember the Suzuki GS1100 I had when we first got married? I sure miss it sometimes....."

    "What is unfair about the way that girl looks? She's out there jogging every single morning..."

    "You know, your mother really needs someone to paint her house and fix her screen door...."

    "Why diet if you're going to sip wine at night?"

    "No I won't change another flat tire for your sister! She can keep her tires properly inflated like any other responsible car owner..."

  • The Finger
    The Finger

    When I had to stop attending regularly I kind of hoped my wife would continue to attend. She didn't. I felt she wasn't stopping for the same reasons I was. I think it should be an individual choice.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    My wife goes back and forth. On some topics such as education, she can clearly see through the hypocracy. On other topics she can't seem to make up her mind. I think her biggest fear is not having an alternative to JW's that she can live with

  • Titus

    I wonder how brothers and sisters who are still in deal with their DFed or DAed brainwashed wives/husbands?

  • moshe
    deal with their DFed or DAed brainwashed wives/husbands?

    Titus, can you give us an example of one of these DFed or DAed "brainwashed" persons? - and what do you mean by , "deal with"? Do you mean, going to a worldly marriage counselor to sort out their differences? They can't go to the KH elders, and besides, they have no professional training to deal with marital problems anyway.

  • fokyc

    With great difficulty!

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