I've been labelled an apostate over Paedophile scandal - official

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  • James_Slash

    I recieved this e-mail earlier today after making an issue out of the paedophile problem on my facebook page. Obviously, this person is a JW and someone must have snitched to her.

    What did you think?


    Hope you are well. It has been brought to my attention that you are not very happy with the witnesses and are running them down on your facebook page.

    I do appreciate how things must be frustrating for you, but I am afraid that I cannot keep in touch with you if this is true. As you know from being a past witness, to run the organisation down is apostasy and I don't want any part in that.

    If this is the way you are going with things, then I would like to take this opportunity to say that it was nice to be in contact with you and I wish you all the best for the future but I cannot communicate with you anymore.



    Am I not entitled to make an opinion on something which has become a major problem? The issues arising via child protection is no secret - there isn't one in the organisation and many children are put at risk. How does this make me or anyone else an apostate?

    Also to hold 'charity status' they cannot discriminate against anyone of a different colour, gender or sexual orientation otherwise they face the risk of losing their membership.

    I'm sickened by the ignorance of these people.

  • Soldier77

    I'd have a hard time not writing her a snippy sarcastic and flaming letter back.

    Apostacy towards the organization, not God or Jesus, is what they're concerned with most. Typical. Sorry you have a shitty friend.

  • sabastious

    It's covered up pretty well within the Organization. So to them you are making wild accusations and slandering the Society.


  • ziddina

    "The issues arising via child protection is no secret..."

    Whoa, there's your mistake, right there...

    To any sane, normal person living in America, England, and other areas where news isn't censored (conspiracy theorists, stay back!), the pedophilia amongst the Jehovah's Witnesses has been thoroughly exposed in the news... And needs to be exposed again, in my opinion, as it has taken a back seat to current news events...


    It IS a BIG SECRET kept from the average Jehovah's Witness!!! HUGE secret, in fact, as they don't even inform the people within the hall wherein a pedophile is currently attending, that there is a potentially dangerous predator amongst them...

    Might I suggest?? (Keeping in mind that this might be a BAD idea, especially if you are trying to remain a Jehovah's Witness due to familial connections...)

    Post on your Facebook account links to the most reputable videos (YouTube has a few that are direct quotes of the news services who carried the stories a few years back), websites and links that discuss the pedophilia problems within the Watchtower Society.

    Unless that was what you had on your Facebook page, already...


  • James_Slash

    I wouldn't class the person who sent me this as a 'friend'. She supported me through my divorce from her niece but I heard later that she was trying to prise information out of me.

    I did send her a sarcastic reply back. I told her to check her facts and research the subject before she come jumping out of her box at me. I told her that she uses the term 'apostate' so easily. Yet, the purpertrators of these crimes and the ones who support them are worthy of inheriting the kingdom? Are you telling me that your God and Jesus Christ support this conduct? She hasn't replied.

    All I had posted was a recent news article on my page regarding the recent JW paedo scandal in Scotland which led to a number of comments from both ex-JW's and one JW who stuck his neck out to be attacked by defending the policy. I have been out of the organisation for 5-6 years now so my loyalty to it is non-existant however I've retained 4-5 friends who know and respect my views.

    The individual in question is NOT on my Facebook page and has no access to it. So at present I'm trying to find out who the 'snitch' is who has been talking about me.

    Maybe time for a JW clearout I think.

  • ziddina

    Ah... So you have no friends or family still in the JWs???

    In that case - Let 'er rip!!!

    Tell them EXACTLY what you think - logically, factually, and sensibly - maybe you'll wake up some of those JW apologists who will come buzzing around your Facebook page, now that the 'snitch' has done his/her work...



    If Jehovah`s Witness`s cleaned up the WBT$.....No one would have any complaints..

    Right now the place is a ShitHole..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

  • James_Slash


    I have researched and watched the paedophile scandal unfold over a number of years now so I am within full knowledge of the facts. I did have a number of JW 'friends' on my page and perhaps my recent attack on the JW child protection policies would command a response. Only one of them responded and he was duly slated for his 'defence' of the policy. My Mom (who is still a JW) supported my views and those of the ex-JW's on my page.

    I wouldn't mind, but many who jump out of the box in defence of the WT are rarely active in the faith they assign so much importance to.


  • serenitynow!

    "It IS a BIG SECRET kept from the average Jehovah's Witness!!! "

    This is so true! I never heard about the pedophilia until I saw it on Dateline! And other than on ex JW sites, had never heard it spoken of. When it was on Dateline I'm sure the average JW didn't believe it, brushing it off as "apostate lies."

    I think for those who have not had trouble inside the org, it is easy for them to believe that such things could not happen. If they had never been the victim of, or seen injustice inside the congregation they just don't think that it happens. I had always had problems with the way things were done. I saw the hypocrisy. I was familiar with the "just wait on jehovah" mentality whenever there is something that they don't want to address. When I heard one of the people on the broadcast say someone told her to "wait on jehovah," I knew the allegations were true.


    This is my new line: "You know when Jesus exposed lies and hypocrisy he was murdered, I guess I should be grateful all I get is name calling and shunning."

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