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  • Lozhasleft

    Hiya Starfish and welcome, this is a good place to be with some fine people. Sorry to hear about your mum and how she was treated I can so identify. So glad to hear you're free and that your kids are untainted and happy. If you were a witness in Lpool I bet our paths have crossed ....I am from North Wales and was on the RBC builds for years in the North West too?

    Loz x

  • Mattieu

    Hi Starfish, a warm welcome...

    Cheers, Mattieu

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    Welcome Starfish,

    What really upsets me about disfellowshipping someone for smokingis this: The reason there is a rule about smoking is because it's bad for one's health. We care about people and don't want them to harm their health. Fair enough.

    However, the WTBTS just doesn't see how much more harmful disfellowshipping someone is to their psychological, and hence their physiological, self. The two are inexorably intertwined. When you cause someone the severe psychological and physical harm of disfellowshipping, it is so much more harmful to their mind, body and spirit than a few cigarettes could ever be. How much more loving it would be to show compassion for their struggle with a very strong habit.

    People have killed themselves over the harshness of disfellowshipping. How is that any better than the long term risk of smoking?

    True story: A long time poster on this board, who was very well known, and was once a bethel elder, said that he once pulled the body of a man out of a river who had killed himself because he was disfellowshipped for smoking. You can read about it here, Starfish, it is a JWD classic.


  • jamiebowers

    Welcome. I too was wondering about your mother...so sorry she passed so young.

  • J-ex-W

    Hi, Starfish-- Welcome, and hope your plans turn out as best as can happen!

  • Hadit

    Welcome to the forum Starfish! Thank you for sharing.

  • ziddina

    Hi again, Starfish!! starfish with hearts

    "Can I have it for my avatar? If I can change it? ... "

    Goooood question... There's a section on this forum covering technical questions. Instead of going to "Active Topics", go to "Home" instead, and towards the bottom there's a sub-section called "Forum Related" and under that, there's "Technical Support".

    Within that section - and it's fairly short, thank goodness - there are "threads" - topics - on posting photos, setting up and changing your avatar, what a "PM" is [personal message - it's the on-board private mail system...] and the problems you have to work around to use it, and so on...

    There's a fairly recent "thread" about "Gravatars", which discusses how to change your "avatar"...

    Hope this helps!! Zid

  • flipper

    STARFISH- Welcome to the board friend ! Nice to have you here. I too got very tired of the control that elders tried exerting into our lives being nosy into EVERY detail. I finally reached my breaking point in 2003 after being a born-in for 44 years. I'm so happy for you that you, your husband, and children are free people now. Excellent ! Enjoy your freedom of mind ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Sojourn

    I'm another fader! Thank you for your story.

    I'm so glad you had the presence of mind to tell that elder what exactly he could do with his advice. I've been in that position many times, and just accepted that treatment. You can look back on that moment with real satisfaction.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Welcome I am glad that you are free.

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