"Where else would we go?" - A common JW cliche'.

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  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    How many times have you heard that before, whether in or out? In the past, I truly believed that. If I were to leave the "truth", where else would I go?

    Funny thing is, while it is not an easy move, as many here would admit, I can see past that now. And my place of employment has helped me in realizing it.

    I currently work for a highly respected employer. (Sorry can't give it away right now) While I do enjoy my job, things are by no means perfect.

    Am I to think that anyone that has had thoughts of leaving or has left already can never find another job, or even have any happiness at that? Sure one can reason, "But where will you find a job that gives you this and that? And oh! don't forget this. It's not perfect, but it's a job!"

    Isn't what is important the pursuit of happiness? Or is being blind to the fact that there exists other jobs out there in which one can feel more satisfied or happy more important, just because that is the opinion that someone ina high position offered? Does life just fail you when you leave a reputable and/or lucrative job? Or do you continually fake your hapiness after such a decision?

    That is just one example. I'm sure other things can be used to illustrate the question. But why is it any different with this religion? Are you serious? There is no where else to go? NO WHERE? WHAT?! No one outside is truly happy?

    I used to reason that way. Now I see it's total BS.

    I'm sure the trolls will bite at this one. Ignore the ignorant. But I encourage others to respond to how they can relate. Thanks in advance!


  • Olin Moyles Ghost
    Olin Moyles Ghost

    This is a common (and effective) thought-stopping technique. It kept me limping along in the JW/WT faith for a few too many years.

    One reason it works so well is that the WTS does a great job at poisoning the well regarding other religions. That's actually one of the things I liked best about being a JW--the ability to obliterate any other religion! (Trinity = BS; hell = BS; book of Mormon = absurd; etc.). So I viewed it as basically a choice between JW-ism and atheism. I wasn't ready to give up on the existence of the God of the Bible, so I stuck with JW-ism even though I was starting to see its theological and structural flaws.

    The problem with my reasoning as described above is that I was making a false choice--namely between JW-ism and other organized religions. I didn't consider the fact that perhaps there simply isn't a "true religion" at all. The WTS doesn't teach that there was an organization you had to join to be saved during the "wheat and weeds" period from the 2nd Century through CT Russell's time in the late 1800s (of course, this creates tension with the "faithful and discreet slave" doctrine, but that's for another thread).

    So, what makes today any different? Who are we to say that 2010 isn't just like 1210 or 1610 or 1710, and there's simply no "true organization"?

    Really then, the "where else can we go" argument hinges on today being The Last Days because otherwise it's still the time of the "wheat and the weeds." Ever since the New Testament was written, people have thought they were living in The Last Days and would not die. And they all had one thing in common: they were wrong and they died. Why are we so arrogant to think we're any different?

    (as a side note, I have issues with the Bible and Christianity in general, but wrote the above from a Biblical/Christian perspective)

  • carla

    I detest that erroneous phrase! it should be 'to whom'? it's a person not a place!

  • designs

    Once you take that first physical or mental step towards freedom and realize no great Zot is coming out of the sky you're on the home run stretch to the new life

  • OnTheWayOut

    The military uses that mindset. "It's a rough world out there. Where else would you go?" It's not for the guys who have a couple of years under their belt, but for the enlistee or officer that spent some time in the military. At a certain point, it would be hard to start over again with no experience in a new civilian company.

    I know what it meant when I heard it from my wife a couple years ago. She said "Where else would we go?" as a response to my examination of WTS, but she meant "Find another religion that accepts that there is no Trinity, yet Jesus was God's son, and knows that God's name is Jehovah, and proclaims the truth of the Bible to as many people as possible. Find all that somewhere else, and I will look into it."

    It's a thoughtstop method of saying Watchtower is not perfect, but nothing else comes close to the standard they have set.

    Where else would I go? Anywhere but there.

  • zoiks
    It's a thoughtstop method of saying Watchtower is not perfect, but nothing else comes close to the standard they have set

    Exactly! "What other organization meets the criteria that we ourselves have defined as being necessary and just happen to meet?"

    See anything wrong with this?

  • designs

    LDS, Moonies, Church of Rome etc..

  • PSacramento

    Well, besides the fact that one is told to go to Christ and NOT to a group, the issue is that many people NEED to belong to something "bigger" than they are, they need to be told this is how you pray, this is what you wear, this is what you believe and this is why, because we tell you so.

    That is their comfort zone, the burden of finding the truth is lift of your shoulder when someone tells you THEY have it and it is YOURS if you do THIS.

    And to make things easier, they have a step-by-step direction of what and when you need to do these things and the best aprt is you don't even have to do any thinking because THEY will do it for you.

    No need to question anything, other than the questions that they have answers for.

    Confused about the bible? no problem, its too hard for your little brain, we will explain it OUR way to you and use OUR bible, customized to confrim all OUR beliefs, just sit back and enjoy the ride and do your "correct works", the ones WE TELL you are right.

  • Soldier77

    This phrase, this question, boils my blood everytime I hear it. Totally taken out of context and misapplied to suit their (WTS) needs.

    What do you mean where else are we to go? That was not the question asked! It's like being in prison mentally/spiritually/emotionally/physically, say you're in prison, have a way out to escape, and your cell mate says, "but where are we to go?" WHO CARES! GTFO! That's all that matters!

    Do you jump off the Titanic and save yourself or stay on it and go down with the ship?

  • MsDucky

    Abusive people use that phrase too. Where else can you go? You'll never find anyone better than me. So, the woman/man stays in a bad relationship.

    You know that you can do bad all by yourself. You don't need help with from an organization that isn't helping you feel better.

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