"Where else would we go?" - A common JW cliche'.

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  • blondie
    Many Witnesses do not want to know about these things, using the thought stopping question "Where else would I go?" This misstatement indicates over reliance on the Organization, encouraged by the Watchtower (w75 9/1 p. 531 "Where could we turn if we would leave God's organization today? There is nowhere else! (John 6:66-69)") What Peter actually said to Jesus at John 6:68 was "Lord, whom shall we go away to?" The first step is to understand the truth about the Watchtower Society and the difference between following Jesus and following a self promoted organization. Only once you comprehend the psychological reason that you were able to be so convinced will you be ready to move on. The best way to understand this is to learn the techniques of mind control and also to understand that there are many religions that are very similar to Jehovah's Witnesses. Life becomes a wonderful journey as the Bible and spirituality start to reveal themselves.


  • WTWizard

    They prepare children so the Washtowel Slaveholdery is all they have. They are denied proper education--anyone else notice that the latest boasting session in the evening is on the most popular test night? They are not allowed to attend college or after-school activities. Their associations have to be among the witlesses only ("Bad associations spoil useful habits"). All the while, they are trained to do one thing: Pio-sneer. Very often, they work for witlesses, live with witless slumlords, and depend on witlesses for any sort of dignity.

    Given this treatment, if they try to leave, they are going to flounder. They have zero education, zero ability to get a job outside the witless religion, zero places to stay (if they get evicted from their place for leaving the cancer), and zero money (it all goes into the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund, for field circus expenses, or to allow those leeches to steal it away). This makes it extra hard for them to leave, as their whole lives are going to be ruined.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I have not read all of this but right on OTWO my husband just used this on me last night. I loved where you said

    Where else would I go?Anywhere but there.

    Great post Coc

  • cheerios

    where else would we go? that's simple .. how bout down to the pub?

  • gutted

    Thank you for posting this topic CoC, I really needed your guys comments on this.

    I've had consecutive dreams the last few nights of returning to the hall. Last night I was at the hall, I had shaved off my goatee and I said yes to an elder I was closest to to go out in service Sunday even though I didn't want to, but felt guilt... Then this morning I was actually entertaining thoughts of going back, the dream was so real I was thinking "is it really that bad", "where else can I go". I'm sure this was also fueled by my moms comments of the same nature when we had a heated debate, "where else would will you go, to the horrible world?", "you are only listening to other peoples opinions on the internet" "I'm so disappointed" etc.

    What a mindfuck.


    Some people Deserve to be Jehovah`s Witness`s..

    It`s a punishment from God..

    For being Stupid..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

  • NomadSoul

    My brother uses that phrase. I just answered like this;

    You can go back to school, you can get a hobbie, you can travel, you can take up an interests and do research...so many things to do.

  • peacedog

    I lost track of how many times I heard this phrase from my jw family during my exit.

    It's essentially a thought-blocking technique instilled by the WT cult to short-circuit the dubbies capacity for logical thought. For example: "'X' doesn't matter, because where else would I go?" or "Why bother thinking about 'X', because where else would I go?"

  • babygirl30

    Abusive people use that phrase too. Where else can you go? You'll never find anyone better than me. So, the woman/man stays in a bad relationship.

    THANK YOU!!! I was just about to post something along the SAME lines as what you said...but you beat me to it! In the past I was involved with an abuser who threw that 'line' in my face all the time. To put it bluntly - it is PARALYZING! That abuser convinces you that he/she loves you SO much and is the ONLY person in the world that accepts you or treats you well...so why WOULD you leave? Why would you jeopardize your life (as you know it) to go off and leave them - for what?

    So that whole mentality used by JWs that they are the 'only place in town' is very disturbing to me.

  • Soldier77

    gutted! Be strong my brutha! DO NOT GO BACK! I'm currently readying myself for the onslaught of interrogation thats coming for not going to the meetings from my mother and her husband. Should be fun.

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