Were You Ever Nervous To Post Here???

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  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    I was absolutely nervous!! I lurked for a few months. Then I told my wife that I was researching online and reading blogs about the JWs. She was disturbed that I was getting involved with "apostates."

    I promised her that I wouldn't be on such sites again. But after dwelling upon some of the things I had read here, I could see that there is a genuine problem or problems in the org. And I started thinking that the claim of someone being apostate should be left up to perception. I don't view any here as apostate. They have gone through situations that prove there are problems within the org. They are not looking to start their own following.

    After I realized that, (yes I broke my promise to my wife) I began lurking here for about 2 months and then created an account. Talk about nervous, a racing heart, and sweaty palms! But the welcome I received made me extremely comfortable. Thank you all as well as those that PMed me with their concern/advice/help!

    Now I have found a peace in the form of expression that I have never had in my life. Even my therapist has picked up on it but I haven't revealed the reason to him completely.

    Hope this helps someone and great thread!


  • truthseekeriam

    It took me a few days before I actually hit the button

  • minimus

    Once you start posting, it's hard to stop (I think ).


    Dam straight I was nervous..

    Back in the day,this place was crazy..A Wild West show..

    There were gun fights at high noon,every 10 minutes..

    If you could`nt back up your mouth,you left in a cyber Pine Box..

    JWN is a much gentler place..

    .................... ...OUTLAW

  • undercover

    Yea, I was nervous. I just knew the demunz was going to attack me...

    I remember the first time I clicked on a link to this site. I was researching stuff and was trying to stay away from anything that even hinted of being "apostate". I clicked on the link, thinking I was going somewhere else and when I saw the posts attacking the WTS, I couldn't close out fast enough.

    But I kept finding links and links back here. So I finally started reading and lurking about. I saw some anger and bitterness but I also saw a lot of people just like me... kinda lost, hurt even. And I saw that many were going thru, or had gone thru what I was going thru...

    When I finally posted, I was still trying to come to terms with shit, though deep down I kinda knew, just hadn't admitted it to myself yet. I decided to bounce it off people here to see what would come back. Maybe I'd see something I hadn't thought of.

    The rest, as they say, is history...

  • snowbird

    LOL @ Outlaw.

    My first post is a hot mess!

    I was a nervous wreck, didn't know about formatting, editing, quoting, responding, etc.

    I want to thank everyone for being so kind to me!


  • Quirky1

    Well Hell Yeah!! I thought Jehoover would fry my ass right then and there.. It was sooo bad I stuttered when I typed..

  • scotinsw

    I remember reading the posts on here last year when i was making my mental exit. The physical one came first for me.

    I was really nervous when I first started reading but eventually after a couple of months registered and started posting.

    Now, coming on here is like therapy to read the experiences of others.

  • Dagney

    Yep. This place scared the heck out of me. I only peeked in from time to time for 5 years. I was both intrigued and scared as I read the discussions, (2001-2006), during that time which were heady, to say the least.

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