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  • mada

    Hello everybody,I am Mada,18 years old,I need talk with a Jehovah's Witnesses..I have some problems..and some questions..I began study Bbile about 10 months ago,I am convinced this is the true.But,I hav some problems..


    You need to start reading the threads here. I'd start with the "Best Of" section if I were you. The biggest problem you have is that you are "studying" with JW's. This is a mind control group that most of us here have gotten away from. Run, run like the wind!

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  • Soldier77


    If you have questions, fire away! I'm sure you will get responses by people here. As Awake & Watching stated, go through the "Best of" section to get a base started. Jehovah's Witnesses are are high control group aka mind controlled cult. Be careful falling for their love bombing and baiting.

  • DeathSentry

    if you really are studying, then perhaps contact and elder in the local congregation.

  • Titus

    Hey! Jehovah's Witness here!

    What's the problem?

  • yknot


    I too am a JW.

    Brother Titus above is a MS!

    Ask away or feel free to PM me by clicking on my username and opt to 'send message'!

    Have you started God's Love or are you still on "Bible Teach"?

    Perhaps you have progressed to the ODBook.

    If you haven't yet reviewed the 'Flock Book' you can downloaded it from here:

    Sisterly Hugs----- Yknot

  • wenaolong

    I agree with most here who say that your "problem" is that you are studying with Jehovah's Witnesses... I was born into a family of them, and walked away from my "problem" when I was 17 years old after carrying them around like a monkey on my back on and off for that entire time, usually in an absent-minded way as I went on about my inherently "worldy" way of life and being (since I happen to be a being in the world, hence a worldy being...). Hehe, I say walk away while you are AHEAD!!

  • Jomavrick


    You need to know that the JW's are a destructive contolling cult. What is it in your life that is driving you give up your own sense of reason? Do you not see that witnessism is an "end of the world" religion established as an off-shoot of Adventism. Since it's inception in the 1800's the leaders have falsly predicted the end of the world too many times to count and have led simple minded people to ruin thier lives by making poor life choices (because the end is near).

    You need to realize the difference between the phony and flowery rhetoric and the reality of this religion. It is not as it appears to be.

    My advise is run and run fast,,,,

  • mada

    Hey guys,first of all thank you all for answering me.Second..I thought this is a JW's forum! but I see most of you blame them! thank you for advicing me ,but no..I won't run,as for me this is the true religion.

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