GB member David Splane says Jehovah had already chosen the organization in 1916

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    "What they don't explain is that the Bible Students were in the midst of their own breakup from 1906 to 1916"

    Designs - would you mind providing support for this such as what groups that were formed.

    Do Jehovah's Witnesses know that "Bible Students" still exist?

    "That 75% of the original Bible Students left in the 1920's after Judge Rutherford took over the Society? Russell's books "Studies in the Scriptures" are still published to this day by groups like the Dawn Bible Students.

    Russell was NOT your founder. He died in 1916, the JW's did not begin until 1931. Russell and his Bible Students detested the kind of sectarian organization that the society became. To this day Bible Students groups are independent of any central authority, elect their own elders, and deacons, decide on their own what they will study at meetings.

    99% of what Witnesses have been told about their roots is a lie. 99% of what the world thinks are "facts" about C.T. Russell, the "scandals" are from base(less) sources with an axe to grind."
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    "I would say that most the Jehovah's Witnesses are indeed misinformed about the Bible Students. What is printed in the WTS publications does indeed distort the history, and misrepresent what Russell taught. When I associated with them I was told and I read into the WTS publications many things about the Bible Students that I found out later was not true. I was told that those who had "left to the Society" had stopped preaching and thus went out of existence. I was told that before Rutherford, that the idea that anyone would live forever on the earth was unknown (false), that the Society was teaching the sheep and the goats similar to the churches (false), that Russell believed that only he and his small group would be saved (definitely false), etc. Some of these things can be found printed in the WTS publications; others may not be found there, but are spread by word of mouth.

    Most of the "Jehovah's Witnesses" do not really know or seem to care what the controversy was about in 1917, nor why so many Bible Students refused to go along with the alleged "new light" in 1920s. If all they read is from the WTS, they will never know what it was about, since the WT publications distort what happened, and set up false motives attributed to those who "left the organization."

    Did Rutherford start a new religion? Absolutely! Rutherford introduced a new organization and new "gospel" that is almost the opposite of what Russell believed in! Most JWs have no knowledge of what Russell taught except what is mispresented to them in the WTS publications. Very few take the time to study Russell's writings to see what he actually taught, and often if a JW does do this, he may be reprimanded -- and in some cases, threatened with being disfellowshiped -- by the elders of the congregation for wasting time studying "old light."

    I have read several times in the WTS publications statements to the effect that the JWs had been preaching, for several decades before 1914, that Christ would return in 1914. There are two things wrong with this: (1) There was no JW organization before 1914, and thus there were no "JWs" preaching anything about 1914. A small portion of the Bible Students did later join Rutherford's new organization, and became "Jehovah's Witnesses," but, by 1930, the majority of those earlier Bible Students rejected Rutherford's new organization and Rutherford's new gospel. (2) As far as I know, before 1914, none of the Bible Students were expecting Christ to return in 1914; Charles Taze Russell was certainly not expecting such. Russell believed Christ had returned in 1874, and he believed that until he died; he never held any expectation of Christ's return in 1914.

    It has been claimed in the WTS publications that the WTS was teaching the truth about the ransom in 1919, when in reality what the WTS was preaching in 1919 was almost the opposite of what it teaches today about the ransom; so if what the WTS was preaching about the ransom in 1919 is true, then what the WTS is preaching today is false. Indeed, the WTS today does try to hide the fact that Rutherford made an almost complete reversal in what the Gospel (Good News) is about, while claiming that the Bible Students had refused to preach the Good News; in reality the Bible Students were refusing to preach Rutherford's new "Gospel/Good News" of bad tidings for most earth's inhabitants. I would not say that 99% of what the WTS prints about the history of the WTS is a lie; I will say a great deal of it is indeed distorted and misrepresented.

    Many ex-JWs are being highly misinformed by the many false accusations and misrepresentations that are being made against Russell by his enemies. They often fall for the lies and misrepresentations that many are spreading about Charles Taze Rusell (false claims such as that he was a free mason, that he was involved in "the occult," spiritism, astrology, etc. Often his interest in the phrenology and the Great Pyramid is distorted to make it appear that these, in themselves, are of "the occult." Even his usage of the "cross and crown" symbol is claimed to be Masonic. After all, don't the Knights Templar have a similar cross and crown symbol? Of course, occultists, spiritists and demon worshipers misuse even the Bible itself; this does not mean that the Bible is of "the occult," or "of spiritism," etc. Nor does the fact that Knights Templar use a similar cross and crown symbol as Russell used mean that the cross and crown symbol is, of itself, Masonic, or that Russell was using a Masonic symbol."

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    Hi Freydo-

    Several groups formed or split from Charles Russell when he changed his view on the New Covenant. Some became known as the New Covenant Bible Students and others as the Christian Millennial Fellowship etc.. Check

    Nice groups, I went to some of their conventions and house churches early on after my split from the Society, they run orphanages and schools etc..

  • Heaven

    Do Jehovah's Witnesses know that "Bible Students" still exist?

    Back in the '70s my Mom told me that the Bible Students renamed themselves to Jehovah's Witnesses. It is only within the last couple of years that I found out this is not a completely true statement. So there must be at least some JWs that don't know Bible Students still exist.

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    Thanks designs - There were a few splits prior to 1917 when the big one happened. In any case the WTBT$$ of post Russell days speaks with forked tongue.

    Free Bible Students

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "The Free Bible Students is the branch of the Bible Student movement that discarded most of Watch Tower Society founder Charles Taze Russell's writings as error. The Free Bible Students form independent, autonomous assemblies and the name, "Free", is given to them to distinguish them from Bible Students, with whom they share historical roots.


    In 1905 Paul S.L. Johnson, one of Russell's pilgrims and a former Lutheran minister, pointed out to Ch. T. Russell that his doctrines on the New Covenant had undergone a complete reversal: until 1880 he had taught that the New Covenant would be inaugurated only after the last of the 144,000 anointed Christians had been taken to heaven, [ 1 ] but from 1881 he had written that it was already in force. [ 2 ] Russell reconsidered the question and in January 1907 wrote several Watch Tower articles not only reaffirming his 1880 position - that "the new covenant belongs exclusively to the coming age" - but adding that since the church was under no mediated covenant, it had no Mediator at all. [ 3 ] Further, the church itself would join Christ as a joint Messiah and Mediator during the Millennium. Several prominent Bible Students vigorously opposed the new teaching.

    New Covenant Believers

    On October 24, 1909 former Society secretary-treasurer E.C. Henninges, who was by then the Australian branch manager of the International Bible Students Association, based in Melbourne, wrote Russell an open letter of protest trying to persuade him to abandon the teaching and calling on Bible Students to examine its legitimacy. When Russell refused, Henninges and most of the Melbourne congregation left Russell's movement to form the New Covenant Fellowship Hundreds out of the estimated 10,000 US Bible Students also left, including pilgrim M.L. McPhail, a member of the Chicago Bible Students and A. E. Williamson of Brooklyn. The dissidents formed the New Covenant Believers. In 1908 they began publishing "The Kingdom Scribe", which ceased publication in 1975. Since 1956 they have published "The Berean News", a small newsletter. The group still exists under the name Berean Bible Students Church. [ 4 ]

    Christian Millennial Fellowship

    In 1928 the Italian Bible Students Association in Hartford, CT., withdrew their support from the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvaniaand later established the Christian Millennial Fellowship as a publishing arm for their ministry work. In 1940 they began publishing and later established the The New Creation, a Herald of God's Kingdom. [ 5 ] The publishing house eventually reorganized and has relocated to New Jersey, with branch offices in Australia, Austria, England, Ghana, Germany, India, Italy, Japan and Romania. [ 6 ] They withdrew their support in 1928, and in 1940, they produced the New Creation - a Herald of Christ's Kingdom magazine. However a few years later, Gaetano Boccaccio, began to be influenced by the writings of E.C. Henninges and M.L. McPhail. The CMF eventually discarded most of Russell's writings as error and converted to "New Covenant Bible Students." Gaetano Boccaccio was its leader since its inception, having been with the Society since 1917, he died in 1996. For over fifty years he led this group from Hartford, Connecticut. Today the group is international, has been relocated to New Jersey and is headed by Elmer Weeks.........."

  • VM44

    David "Bullet Head" Splane says:

    "It's evident that Jehovah had already chosen this organization, because of the faithfulness and the sincerity of the men behind it. It's obvious that Jehovah had already chosen this organization to get his work done"


    How does Splane know Jehovah "had already" chosen this organization (I presume he means The Watch Tower Bible & Tract CORPORATION!)

    How does Splane know it was chosen because of the "faithfulness and sincerity of the men behind it"?

    How does Splane know Jehovah "had already" chosen this organization (WTBT Society) to get his work done?

    What evidence does Splane provide to show that the organization "had already" been chosen by Jehovah?

    Saying "It's evident" and "It's ovious" is not proof.

  • designs

    He's clairvoyant............

  • Gayle

    Splane has a lot more 'splainin' to do!

  • flipper

    " GB Member David Splane says Jehovah had already chosen the organization " Yeah, right. And my left nut is a pecan . Ridiculous. David Splane wasn't even a twinkle in his daddy's eyes in 1916- how the hell does HE know ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper


    This is not a work of man, this is a work of Jehovah God. It's evident that Jehovah had already chosen this organization,

    because of the faithfulness and the sincerity of the men behind it. It's obvious that Jehovah had already chosen this organization to get his work done.

    There were enough honest hearted men, hungering for the truth, desirous of doing the will of God, to prevent the organization from collapsing.


    Where is the Evidence?..

    It`s Obvious there is no Evidence..

    Can David exSplane that?..

    "Please polish my Head"..

    ................. ...OUTLAW

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