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  • Gregor

    I need to say a couple of things and then get the focus off of me. I am not comfortable bringing my personal ups and downs here. Not that it is wrong for others. The reason I post here is that it gives me the chance to possibly be of help and encouragement to good people who are caught in the JW mess. Secondarily, it gives me a place to interact on a variety of subjects. This is like candy to an opinionated old guy like me.

    Over the last 36 hours our situation has improved and I may have actually had an impact in a positive way, though the wear and tear on my spirit will take awhile to heal. For the first time in several days, I woke up this morning and wasn't disappointed !

    Journey On and others - very much appreciate the words of encouragement whether I deserve them or not.

    Outlaw, I am truly touched that you would force down a few beers for my sake.

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  • undercover

    It's like the old saying, "you can choose your friends but not your family".

    We're willing to put with so much more from family than we ever would from anyone else...but there comes a time sometimes when you just have to draw that line in the sand and refuse to cross it anymore...for your own mental and physical health.

    Having had family that has tried us to the very limits, I can maybe relate in some small way. We had to draw that line. Once that line was drawn though, we saw improvement. It was like as long as we put up with so much shit they continued to manipulate us. But once we said 'enough' and drew that line, they realized we were serious and they started making changes. Over time we've been able to move the line as improvements were made.

    From what little I know of you from the board, I know that you're someone who cuts through the bullshit and gets right down to it. If your son sees that line and knows you ain't shittin around anymore, I'm guessing things might improve. I hope so anyway.

    Hang in there...don't dwell on it. One day at a time.

  • Quentin

    "Outlaw, I am truly touched that you would force down a few beers for my sake." (Gregor). LOL Gregor , don't think Outlaw has to be forced when it comes to beer . Have one for all of us OL

    Good to hear things have improved. Hard to deal with, family. Closer they are ( son's, daughter's, wife, grand-kids) tuffer it gets..Depakote is not a drug you JUST stop taking. Hope your son stays on his med regime. Best to you my friend....some days a diamond, some days a stone. Take care of yourself, let your days be diamonds...

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