Oct 15th WT

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  • WTWizard

    I doubt that is going to last long. The next article--or the new hounder book--could tell the hounders to crack down elsewhere. They could make up for not beating down people in public by being even stricter with certain rules, lest they be reproved for "loose conduct".

    At any rate, I would not count on its being implemented. How many hounding calls get snaked on? What about the ones to round up all the inactive ones back in January 2009? How many inactive witlesses got their hounding call? Or, how many witlesses actually got their hounding call about making sure they are wasting their Family Waste the Evening Nights properly? This kind of changes last about as long as it takes to read the washtowel study article, and are usually forgotten about by the end of that boasting session.

  • Gayle

    Hasn't their "marking" (is that what it still is called) process been private, not public, all along? Not seeing anything new there. I think they are talking a maim effort to "be encouraging," probably because the spirit of harshness of the organization is ringing loud and clear across the Internet. They can 'talk' encouragement but always have the Watchtower paddle in hand.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Any warm and fuzzy appearances are just appearances. They want to convince the members that everything is fine and they truly are the hap-hap-happiest people on the planet. So save the counsel for the backroom. While they are getting warmer and fuzzier in appearance from the platform, they are also getting more and more controlling off the platform.

    Nothing new, and as WTW points out- very few will implement such changes anyway.

  • minimus

    They've ALWAYS said something and had another instruction saying pretty much the opposite.

  • moshe

    If the elders can't browbeat and verbally whip the JW's in the KH, then all the fun is gone for them.

  • yourmomma

    i think after the sept 15th wt they had to ease up just a tad, although its back to buisness in nov i bet. one thing i found hilarious was when they said Jesus invited his disiples to "a meeting". the new thing im noticing is that they are tying in every detail of the bible to the org. at the convention this year they said that Jehovah gave Mary an "assignment" when he had her carry baby Jesus. LOL. So when we get a theocratic assignment we should accept it like mary. ROFL

    also, they said that the governing body instructed the fleeing of jerusalem.lmao.

    its like they dont even care anymore and just make up whatever they want, like when they said the governing body appointed paul as an apostle.


  • wasblind


    you strike me as being a very smart person

  • Gayle

    They put 'their' words in their bible and they put 'their' words in the conversation of their first-century christian dramas. What trickery!!

  • wannabefree

    Even if they do relax a bit, the result will eventually necessitate a return to strictness. If those in control don't like how the sheep respond to freedom, and they won't, they have to exercise the control again. (ie higher education)

    Paul advised the Christians on how to view their freedom ...

    (Galatians 5:13-14) . . .YOU were, of course, called for freedom, brothers; only do not use this freedom as an inducement for the flesh, but through love slave for one another. 14 For the entire Law stands fulfilled in one saying, namely: "You must love your neighbor as yourself."

    The WB&TS,inc. says, "better yet, to prevent the misuse of freedom, don't give it to them in the first place"

  • flipper

    I'll believe it when I see it. The current GB members were handpicked by Jaracz- I can't see them soft pedaling ANYTHING in the amount of control over JW's. The more desperate the WT society gets- the more controlling they become

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