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  • dozy

    Now up on jw.org.

    It would seem that the days of "local needs" berating the flock may be coming to an end - one article instructs that elders should ensure that meetings are "encouraging" and that where counsel is needed for just a few people then it should be given privately rather than from the platform.

  • EndofMysteries

    Yea, that Oct 15th WT must be 'easing' the pressure a lil. The 1st 2 articles I 'think' could didn't actually see anything wrong. The 2nd 2......nothing I believe on faithful slave, i think they though somewhat 'imply' doubts and such are on them are actually on Jah.

    Overall though, maybe a slight backoff after the powerful 9/15 WT, so as not to really wake people up lol.

  • dozy

    I wonder if this is the start of the post-Jaracz era. There does seem to be a slighly more conciliatory tone to some of the articles , more "Christian" if you like. I'm finding that quite a few JWs are leaving because of verbal abuse and bad behaviour from self-righteous Pharisaical elders - maybe the WTBTS is responding to feedback somewhat. Though there is a strong article of training children to follow the organisation that smells of indoctrination, including inviting Bethelites to give their experience at the family worship night. As always with the Society- taking with one hand , giving back with another.

  • bohm

    I read it last night. Its like its written by a completely different group of people than the september WT. The GB, the "Faitfull slave", the 144000 and (i think) "annointed christians" is not mentioned with A WORD!

  • Sherilynn

    Sorry, but I dont buy it that they are now getting warm and fuzzy since most recent GB passing of Ted. I remember looking at the articles written before the 1995 Generation change and afterwards and found them very similar to the next major change. You could say it is like a parent that gets pissed off and yells or spanks the kids but feels a "little remorse" afterwards so sends out some warmer touches but will eventually revert back to who you really are: in the case of the WT "a stressed out control freak".

    October 15th is a calculated warm and fuzzy but it will get back to same old sh!t. They know exactly what they are doing and it is cut and paste with a driven purpose. Look at the history is keeps repeating itself.

    Sorry for being so negative tonight but thats how is feel it and see it. So glad to be out of their mind control.

    Peace & Love,


  • yesidid

    This would have been all wrapped up before Ted died, it is a very long lead time.

    Of course he could have been so ill he didn't know what was going on.

  • FreeAtLast1914

    I agree with Sherilynn. The Society is very predictable. Their long history of controlling the friends with this kind of easing up and then coming back with something even more in-your-face will not change.

    I think the Society enjoys whipping the friends and then handing them ice cream, only to give them another beating afterwords for eating too much. It's sick.

  • onemore

    It’s all part of the mind control, to create mental and emotional confusion as to what the REAL message from the GB is. Are they ravenous wolves or are they caring pastors being misjudge by the evil goats? A sensible JW that’s starting to wake-up and smell the GB “idolatry” all over the WT’s message and is thinking of leaving, now get his hopes up thinking that reform is finally coming and that Jehovah is leading the way…so he/she stays…but all will remain the same, nothing will change, it’ll only gets worse.

    If the message and spirit of the WT is do dependant on the influence of a man rather than the scriptures; then what long lasting spiritual and emotional stability can they really offer? None…

    All I know is that I’M GONE AND DONE.

  • FreeAtLast1914

    OneMore, I'm with ya. I'm gone and done also.

    It's classic abusive spouse mentality. After a while, the abused thinks he/she can't survive without the abuser. This only fuels the abuser's will to exert even more control and heap more abuse on the victim. To get out, you have to see the the Society for the abusive spouse/parent they are and escape.

  • designs

    You mean talking to and treating adults like they were incompetent dolts is coming to an end .................. well hell I'll rejoin

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