White People are victims of racism too.

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  • snowbird


    I don't think so, either.


    I meant the world, not myself personally, Glad.

    I am disappointed but will share my love with the world just to please you.

  • BurnTheShips

    Black people need their sunlight even more than white people do. Their skin blocks a lot more of the UVB that the skin uses to make Vitamin D.

    I personally think it is a huge health problem that hardly any one is aware of. I think D has a great deal to do with metabolism and cardiac health.

    D is actually a hormone.

    White people get very deficient these days, because most people work indoors, now. It wasn't a problem back when 90% of the people were toiling on the family farm outdoors.

    Yet white skin is adapted to northern latitudes, so it takes the most advantage of the scarce sun that it receives these days. Black skin is adapted to southern latitudes, and strong sunlight. It is at a disadvantage. Take your Vitamin D, people.


  • snowbird



  • mrsjones5

    Take your Vitamin D, people.

    Yes sir!

  • TD
    Take your Vitamin D, people.

  • snowbird

    Yeah, drink your milk, eat your collards, and let the sunshine in!


  • noni1974

    I don't tan anywhere. Not in tanning bed or outside. I stay away from the sun. I'm scared of getting skin cancer. It also ages you. I was at a fest a couple of weeks ago where I met some posters from this board, and another board, and I was told I look like a teenager. I'm 35 almost 36. I get carded all the time. No one ever guesses my age correctly. I also don't use those make up spongy things they give you in eye make up. I never have. I always use brushes. I also wear sun glasses where ever I'm going outside and it's bright. I don't like to squint my eyes at all.

    I think, although not proven, that this method has kept me looking years younger than I am.

    I could probably use some vitamin D though.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    I sure hope you're joking Jeff

    Yes - almost entirely tongue in cheek. I really don't see color. I love people in general. I really do. But discrimination against whites is no less than that against blacks from where I come from. In fact, if I were black and female, I could qualify for all sorts of government help, jobs, business opportunities, that I don't as a middle aged white male. Jeff

  • StAnn

    Noni, all that you do is great, I'm sure, but I'll tell you what really ages you: marriage and kids. I look at least 75! No one ever cards me but they often ask me if I qualify for the Senior discount. Of course, I don't dye my hair and it is more salt than pepper now, used to be black.

    Burn, hmm, so you don't want to be compared to a young Jason Alexander? I can't stand Jason Alexander so I'm glad of that!

    I wish we could just consider ourselves AMERICANS, not African American or Latino American or, in my case, Hillbilly American. But I don't think that will ever happen.

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