White People are victims of racism too.

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  • noni1974

    StAnn I am not married and I don't have kids.

  • Snoozy

    My daughter owns a tanning salon.. (Tanna Cabanna) Their business hasn't suffered at all. The kids today want a tan now and don't have time or the patience to lay out in the sun.They also don't believe that tanning beds are dangerous, but they do the sun. It still doesn't stop them Getting a golden brown tan is the in thing to do. to them white looks sick.

    I remember laying out in the sun for hours as a youngster.. I was also carded in my 40's..and pulled over for being out after curfew in my 40's..

    But the truth comes out now. I have had a pre-cancerous lesion removed from my face.

    As far as Vit D goes..I take 50,000. united every two weeks. I also take calcium..1,200 mg a day.

    We shall see how my bones do later when everyone else my age hips are breaking..lol

    I am supposed to schedule a bone density test but keep putting it off..I fugure I'll do that ane the dreaded Mamo at the same time.

    Whites don't want to be Black..although some do act like they want to be, but in tanning the goal is a nice rich golden brown...kinda like a holiday turkey..

  • Scully

    There have been some studies that link lack of sunlight to higher rates of multiple sclerosis, not to mention vitamin D deficiency, Seasonal Affective Disorder, depression and other illnesses.

    I'm all for utilizing available technologies to help alleviate these disease processes, and as such, I feel strongly that they should not be taxed.

    If you're using them for your own vanity, that's another issue, and fair game for taxation, imo.

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