Molestation of 12 yr. old in KH restroom

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  • undercover

    Some of the comments by the 'apologists' on the link are just a little too over the top. I can't help but think someone posted those comments trying to sound uber-dubbish so as to make people see how cultish JWs are.

    If those really are JW comments, then some of them are more deluded than I expected.

    Take this quote:

    There is no way this molestor was a True Jehovah's Witness. Jehovah's Witnesses never commit crimes,

    I mean, c'mon. Even JWs know that there are some crooked people even in the congregations. Anyone who has been a JW for any length of time has seen it. That is the most ignorant thing to say....if it came from a JW.

    But, OTOH, this quote:

    it's possible it was the girls fault for tempting the Brother.

    It's sad to say, this does sound very JW like - at least from some of them. Many of us have seen this attitude in the JW ranks. Even Judicial Committe meetings where the sisters were drilled about what they were wearing, if they were wearing underwear, why the low cut blouse, why the slit in the skirt. A religion that says rape is fornication has to expect this attitude to develop among some of the more self righteous members.

  • Jim_TX
    Flipper said "Where in the hell were the attendants ? How did they not see this old greasy fart go into a restroom area with this girl ???"

    You need to reread the story closer... slower this time. It says...

    "Sanchez offered the girl money and told her to meet him near the bathrooms"


    So, basically, he told her to meet him 'near' the restrooms. In some of the KH's I attended, the restrooms were located in the back (front?) of the building down a long narrow hallway with the doors off to the side. So, I can see how no one noticed that coincidentally, this ol' geezer got up and went to the restroom, and then later a young gal also got up and went to the back.

    Folks, as has been mentioned, this topic has already been posted. I provided links to the other local media that reported it. I'll repeat the others that are not included here...


    KSAT TV 12

    The important thing that most folks (JW included) are missing is that when this dirt bag gave a statement to the police, he mentioned that he had a 'moment of weakness' and didn't have time to pray beforehand, but prayed afterwards for forgiveness.

    What this indicates to me is...

    1) He actually thought about it beforehand, since he told this gal to 'meet' him near the restrooms - which he probably conveyed to her prior to the meeting - with the 'restroom encounter' happening during the meeting. So, his 'moment of weakness' excuse is a lie.

    2) Since he 'prayed' afterwards for forgiveness, this indicates to me that he never intended to tell anyone, and he has probably done it before, since he felt that praying for forgiveness afterwards would absolve him of any wrongdoing.

    I see Lou Belle's posting on the KENS 5 site, yall need to hit the other sites, and comment on them also.

    Good Luck getting any died-in-the-wool JWs to wake up.


    Jim TX

  • OnTheWayOut

    I really do understand that these things happen (not to minimize the tragedy). The problem is exemplified in the comments about how he could not be a true JW or she must have some fault in this. WTS needs to stop casting stones at other groups, particularly the Catholic Church, then imply that they are so much better. They need to stop trying to protect the organization ahead of the individuals and deal with these pedophiles. In short, they need to get their heads outta their asses.

    It would be wonderful to say "Stop the preaching work" or at least "Stop sending children in the preaching work" but that won't happen. But they could at least be upfront and say "Do not let your children go with anyone at all except for trusted family members- that would include the elders and the C.O. and everyone." Then they could do some things to offer assistance when it is a trusted family member that molests- but that is a comment for some other thread.

    As far as at the KH, if their hands are tied by the law about announcing the presence of pedophiles, then they can announce the website where the parents and kids can look for themselves- without naming names.

    12 is plenty old enough to go to the washroom by yourself.

  • wobble

    Our Protection Plan, at my sports club, mentioned above would protect a twelve year old from this to a great degree, what needs shouting about is that JW's don't give a poop about the victim, just about shifting the blame, what's to stop them putting a plan in to practice ?

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